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Corporate Sponsorship Is a Fundraiser for the Y Team Account

A message from Matt Olson, Sposnsorship Chairman.  Matt may be reached at [email protected]

Helping the Funding Grow  and it won’t cost you a thing.  While most of our family budgets don’t allow for line items like “team sponsorships, “ many of our employers are able to set aside some budget money for items like this.  They often reside within a company’s marketing budget or benevolence budget.  This can often be a win-win.  The Wahoos gain some sponsorship money, and your employer gets advertising, goodwill, tax advantages and other benefits that are outlined in the attached letter.

  • But wait, I don’t want to ask my employer for money.  Here’s the deal, you won’t have to.  All we ask is that you share with us the name, email address, phone number and title of the person at your company who is responsible for the marketing budget or charitable giving budget.  We will take it from there with a professional and tasteful email and or phone call outlining our request and what they will receive in return.  If you are comfortable with us sharing their connection to the Wahoos, we will reference that in the call as well.  Something like “ Hi Jennifer, this is Coach Chris Bushelman from the Great Miami Valley YMCA, you might not know this, but one of your employees has an athlete on our swim team.  I am calling to see if your business might benefit from a partnership with the GMVY.  When would be the best time to get 5 minutes on your calendar to discuss?

o   We promise not to be obnoxious telemarketers – just a gentle ask for some modest sponsorship dollars that could provide some name recognition for the company while providing a service to the community. 

o   The letter and info we send will look something like that below:


2014-2015 GMVY Wahoos Swim Team

Greater Miami Valley YMCA

Corporate Sponsor Opportunities



As a corporate partner with the GMVY Wahoos Swim Team, ____________________ will benefit from positive exposure with families throughout the area as well as from the opportunity to share your company’s message throughout our swim season.


Being a corporate partner will give you the ability to have your name in front of thousands of people throughout the year at the various community swim meets as well as in the all of the Y buildings in Fairfield, Hamilton, West Chester and Middletown. The small investment in the GMVY Wahoos swim program will give ____________________ the ability to establish a great corporate partnership and introduce the community to ____________________ in a unique sponsorship opportunity.


The GMVY Swim Team provides the local community youth with a competitive and instructional swimming program. The program emphasizes character development consistent with the values of the Y Mission: Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith. These values are learned through the formation of challenging goals, individual improvement through competition, encouragement to compete in all swimming events, teamwork, and sportsmanship in all situations.


During the Short/Long Course season (September through August), our team competes in a full schedule of local and regional swimming events. The GMV Y Swim Team hosts its own Invitational Meet in November and again in January.  Each meet has over 500 swimmers and their families attending exposing your message to over 1,000 people at each meet over a three-day period. Your message would be included in signage, printed materials, announced throughout the three day period over the PA and any other opportunities you would like us to explore.


The balance of the season gives ____________________ exposure which is listed under each sponsor level found on the last page of the Corporate Sponsor Opportunities Packet. Our goal is to make this a corporate partnership that will be a win-win for ____________________ and the GMVY Wahoos swim team. 

As a non-profit organization, we are always looking for ways to support and supplement the finances of our team. Please consider a tax-deductible monetary donation for the continued success of our team. Your support will be used to offset the operating costs of our Fall Invitational Meet, our Winter Invitational Meet as well as provide the team with needed equipment to ensure that our program is running at the highest level of quality. It is partners like ____________________ that make it possible to maintain the high quality GMVY Wahoos swimming program as well as give youth an opportunity to stay active and grow into competent adults.

We would like ____________________ to look at the Corporate Sponsorship Levels.  Ideally, this would be an opportunity to develop a long-lasting relationship.  Please take a minute to review the corporate sponsorship levels attached.  We would like to sit down and discuss the sponsorship details if possible.

The sponsorship deadline is _______________, so your prompt attention is greatly appreciated. We thank you sincerely in advance for your consideration. Please call me at (513) 829-3091 with any questions regarding the program, the swim team or this request.




Christopher Bushelman

GMVY Wahoos Swim Team

Fairfield, Hamilton, Middletown, West Chester



2014-2015 GMV YMCA Swim Team

Corporate Sponsors Opportunities


Tax I.D. #31-0536719


We are proud to assist the swim team in their efforts to enhance the swimming experience for the youth in the

Great Miami Valley YMCA area.


Sponsor Level:

 [    ] – Gold                        $2000

[      ] – Silver                       $1000

[      ] – Bronze                    $500

[     ] – Booster                    $100 - $499

[     ] –  Friend                     $50


Company/Family Name:                                                                                                                 


Contact Name:                                                                                                                                


Mailing Address:                                                                                                                             


Company Phone: (             )                                 Ext:           Fax #: (             )                                




Please return this form to:
Great Miami Valley YMCA
Fairfield Family YMCA Branch
Attn:  Chris Bushelman  GMVY Wahoos

5220 Bibury Road

Fairfield, Ohio 45014



Email logo to: [email protected]




We sincerely thank you for your swim team support!



2014-2015 GMVY
Wahoos Swim Team

Corporate Sponsors Opportunities



Corporate Sponsorship Levels                                                                           Donation



Gold Sponsor

Company name/logo listed as Title Sponsor on the front page of swim meet program

Full-page ad in swim meet program – Inside Front Cover

Company name/logo on GMVY banner

 Display company banner at GMVY pool at three branches year round

Logo Displayed as partner on GMVY Website for 1 year

Company name & logo on swim team shirt worn at swim meets

Mentions at GMVY Wahoos Swim Team events and recognition



Silver Sponsor

Half-page ad in swim meet program

Company name/logo GMVY banner displayed at three branches year-round

Company name/logo on swim team shirt worn at swim meets

Logo Displayed as a Partner on GMVY Website for one year



Bronze Sponsor

Half-page ad in swim meet program

Company name on swim team shirt worn at swim meets



Booster of GMVY

Business Card size add in swim meet program

Company name/logo on GMVY banner Company name or logo OR family name on GMVY banner


 Friend of GMVY

Business Card size add in swim meet program

Company name/logo on GMVY banner Company name or logo OR family name on GMVY banner



                                      NOTE: Gift cards and merchandise are accepted as donations