Gold Description


Gold Group (Typically 11-18): The Gold Group is our “Elite Level” senior group. It consists of experienced high school age swimmers (and experienced non-high school swimmers at the invitation of the Head Coach) who consistently practice and perform at highly competitive levels. Stroke technique, mental preparation, strength and stability training, and more will be emphasized within this group. This group will have a VERY heavy emphasis on training/conditioning.


Swimmers must have previous performances wherein they have achieved more challenging swimming standards. This group is meant to be more demanding and will require a higher level of commitment than the Senior Group. Minimum attendance and performance requirements must be met to be eligible for Gold Group:

  1. Athletes must have achieved a minimum of one Southwest Ohio YMCA AA time standard or faster (Zones, Y Nationals, USA JR and SR Nationals) within the past 12 months.
  2. Athletes must attend a minimum of 90% of practices. Attendance will be tracked.
  3. Athletes are REQUIRED to have all necessary equipment at ALL practices.