Promenschenkel Scholarship

The application deadline for the Promenschenkel Scholarships through the Delaware County Foundation is March 1, 2020.  Applicants may apply for both scholarships if he/she meets all the requirements; however, the applicant can only be awarded one of the two scholarships.  Applicant must submit documentation necessary for both scholarships.

Promenschenkel Community Service Scholarship: graduating Senior who lives in Liberty Township or member of Powell YMCA for at least 6 months, AND with 100 hours community service the past 2 years. GPA 3.0

Promenschenkel Penguin Scholarship: graduating Senior swimmers at the Liberty Township Powell YMCA Penguins for two (2) of the last three (3) winter seasons and 40 hours community service. GPA 3.0


Promenschenkel Penguin Scholarship

2019: Alice Crowe (Olentangy Orange)

2018: Allison Kenny (Olentangy Liberty)

Promenschenkel Community Service Scholarship

2019: Anna Gardner (Olentangy Liberty)