Promenschenkel Scholarship

The application deadline for the Promenschenkel Scholarships through the Delaware County Foundation is March 4, 2019.  Applicants may apply for both scholarships if he/she meets all the requirements; however, the applicant can only be awarded one of the two scholarships.  Applicant must submit documentation necessary for both scholarships.

Promenschenkel Community Service Scholarship: graduating Senior who lives in Liberty Township or member of Powell YMCA for at least 6 months, AND with 100 hours community service the past 2 years. GPA 3.0

Promenschenkel Penguin Scholarship: graduating Senior swimmers at the Liberty Township Powell YMCA Penguins 2 of the last 3 winter seasons and 40 hours community service. GPA 3.0


Past Recipients

2018: Allison Kenny - Promenschenkel Penguin Scholarship