Membership Fees

2019 May Stroke Clinic

$105 for entire clinic can attend any/all of the May practices Mon- Thurs

$55 for the 4-day pass (Your swimmers comes to any 4 practices of your choice.)

2019 Long Course

$375 1) Full Long Course season (Clinic + Long Course) Begins Apr 30th- option to enter Long Course meets

$300 2) Long Course season w/o Clinic - Begins Approx June 3rd - option to enter Long Course meets

$130 3) Long Course - 10 practice pass - can not attend Long Course meets

Meet fees will be charged post Meet to card on file (typically June meets July 1st)

Long Course requires USA Swim Membership $75 if you aren't already a member.

2019 September Stroke Clinic

$105 for entire clinic can attend any/all of the September practices Mon-Thurs

$55 for 4-day pass (Your swimmer comes to any 4 practices of your choice).

2019-2020 Short Course (Regular Season):

Registration is $200 + $75 USA Swim Membership.

The registration will be deducted from the Short Course Total Fees Below. 
If you are a Mariemont School District resident registration will be $150 + $75.

Gold:   $550 + meet fees(see below)

Blue:   $650 + meet fees (see below)

Red I:  $700 + meet fees (see below)

Red II: $725 + meet fees (see below)
Sibling discount is $50 for each additional sibling. Sibling discount is applied to balance charged either November 1st(annual) or Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb 1st(monthly).
Short Course can be paid as one time annual or monthly.
If you pay annually you get 5% discount. For Annual you can pay by check by October 28th or the remaining charges will be made to your credit card on November 1. 
For Installments starting November 1st they will be billed monthly(Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1) to your credit card on file.
Any accounts with outstanding charges on the 20th of the month are subject to $25 late fee.
*Meet fees are separate for each swimmer and paid after the meet happens.  Fees for meets are typically $2 flat fee per swimmer and then about $6 for each individual event entered and $2 for each relay leg.
For example if your child swims 2 individual events ( 25 free, 25 back) and 1 relay leg of 4 x 25 free relay Your child's fee for that meet would = 2 flat fee + 2 Individual events X 6 + 1 relay leg $2 = 2+12+2 = $16
MAC pays for meet entries to the host team at the time of signup, then when the results are posted, the events your child was signed up for are posted to your MAC account. On the first of the month fees are charged to your debit/credit card on file.