Meet Schedule

More as we get more information:

May 30  ~ PCY Sprint Meet at Powell Crosley YMCA (outdoors - 50 Meter Pool)

                 - Cancelled 4.9.2021-

June 12 - 14 ~ PCY/Bash Summer Classic at Miami University (indoors - 50 Meter Pool)

June 20 - 21 ~ CUDA Classic M.E.Lyons YMCA (outdoors - 50 Meter Pool)

June 26 - 28 ~ CY Summer Polar Bear Invitational at Countryside YMCA (outdoors - 50 Meter Pool)

July 9 - 12 ~ League Long Course Championships at Miami University

July ~ Greensboro, NC ~ Long Course Nationals 


*Please know this is a first run schedule, changes are possible, we are looking for other fun outings for the summer for team building activities.


**We are looking to set up at least one dual meet during the summer, they would not be in a 50 meter pool, but we believe all competition is good and can help the swimmer learn.


*New MCY Swim team swimmers (defined as a swimmer who did not belong to the MCY Team during the 2020 - 2021 Short Course team) will have to swim in three swim meets in order to be eligible to swim at the Long Course Championship meets. 


**If you are a returning MCY Swim team member you just have to have swam in three meets from the September 2019 start date. (Please also know that if you do not swim in long course meets you will be placed in the first heat of events with a short course time at the Championship meet.)


***All Long Course swimmers are to swim in the Championship meet at least one of the days/sessions to belong to the Long Course Team, see Coach Pam for possible exceptions to this rule.


****We are trying to build a culture of swimming here at the Miami County Marlin Swim team of Miami County swimmers, please consider becoming a Marlin and support the team by attending practices and meets throughout the summer season!  Then consider joining us again this fall for the winter team.


Coach Pam :)

937 572 7664

[email protected]