2012-13 Season


High School Swimmers Smash Team Records!

Our swimmers who are high school team members but train with NAAC have recently set new team records! We record times achieved at high school meets from any high school meet or invitational that is a USA observed meet.

Congratulations to Miranda Donley for setting three new records!

Representing the Columbus School for Girls
13/14 50 free, 23.78 and 100 free, 52.79 at Ned Reeb Memorial Meet
Congratulations to Abby Stone for eclipsing two records!

Representing Granville High School  
17/18 100 back, 56.21 at the Ned Reeb Memorial Meet



Shaker Sharks Meet

NAAC took to unchartered waters the weekend of December 6-8 for the Shaker Shark Invitational at Cleveland State University.  Swimming The Shark was a great opportunity to compete against swimmers from clubs that we do not regularly see throughout our winter or summer seasons.  Of the 35 NAAC swimmers who went to Cleveland for the meet, 11 finished in the top ten of one event or more, and two achieved new OHJO state cuts.

Swimmers of the Meet:


Carly Meeting- Huge time drops in her events including an 11 second drop in the 100 Free to a 1:12. She trains fast in practice which translates in meets. Special mention to my Tsunami girls at this meet for taking the initiative, in asking for my help, in fine tuning their freestyle and backstroke turns in the pre-race swims.


Evie Saminich & Julia Zaper. Both Girls dropped time in most of their events and had extremely competitive swims that showed improvement. Both have been working hard in practice and have seen their efforts pay off. 


Lauren Lapsley- Lauren had a great weekend, she showed up to race and her hard work ethic in practice has paid off.  She had personal bests in 5 out of the 6 events she competed in.  Keep up all the hard work!

Samantha Kass - Sammie also showed up to race.  She achieved 5 out of 6 personal best and even dropped almost 11 seconds in her 200 IM.. She also achieved many more cuts for the TYR Invitational being a newly aged up 13 year old!

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under):  1st place, 25 Free, 25 Breast, 50 Back, 200 IM; 2nd place, 25 Fly; 4th place, 50 Free; 5th place, 100 IM
Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 50 Fly; 2nd place, 100 Fly; 3rd place, 200 IM; 4th place, 100 Back
Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  7th place, 500 Free
Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  10th place, 50 Free
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  7th place, 100 Fly
Samantha Kass (Girls 13-14):  7th place, 200 Breast; 8th place, 100 Breast
Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12):  8th place, 100 Back; 9th place, 100 IM
Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 200 Breast; 4th place, 100 Breast; 5th place, 50 Breast; 10th place, 100 IM
Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10):  4th place, 50 Breast
Olivia Young (Girls 9-10):  6th place, 100 Fly; 8th place, 50 Fly
Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  2nd place, 50 Breast; 5th place, 100 Breast; 10th place, 100 IM

New OJO State Cuts: Mike DeAscentis, 100 Fly (1.10.65)
Julia Zaper, 100 IM (1.17.61)

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who ventured to Cleveland for this meet, and thank you for representing NAAC so impressively throughout the weekend.

Penguin Plunge!

Sunday December 8, NAAC hosted the first of its two winter swim meets - The Penguin Plunge.  By all accounts, the meet was an unqualified success, and much thanks goes both to our coaching staff and to the numerous parents and high school swimmers who volunteered to work at the meet that day.

Swimmers of the Meet:

Breakers and Ripples:  

Sydney Wamsley - Sydney has been working hard and did a great job competing in her first 50 FR, 25 FLY, and 25 BR.  Way to go on the flip turn!
Grace Goodman - WHAT A GREAT FLY RACE!  Grace has come along way from last year, she has been very focused in practice and working hard.  
Oliver Economons - This was his first winter meet, as well as competing in the 25 FLY and 25 BR.  Great Job Oliver!
Josh Smith -  Josh did a great job of putting everything we have been working on in practice to RACE FAST!  He had great technique and had some fast swims.


Eve Morris, and Colin Morr. They both had drops in their best times, and their strokes have all improved. Colin and Eve both showed the changes they have made to their strokes and looked much better having made them.


Ellie Moellering- 1:13 100 Free, WOW! - 31.06- 50 Free-Double WOW! Oh by the way that 50 earned her first JO cut. Proud Coach. Awesome Job!


Stefan Klein and Elliot Simpson: Stefan and Elliot both dropped time in their events and took the penguin plunge meet as an opportunity to expand their events trying new swims and doing well in them. Both boys placed well in their events and had a great positive attitude.


Emili Toppari:  Emily had great swim at the Plunge achieving personal bests in 3 out of 4 of her events and even swimming a tough double of back to back events of the 100 fly and 200 IM to achieve points for her IMX score.  Way to go Emili!!

The Penguin Plunge was also a success from the standpoint of our many swimmers who competed at the meet.  25 of NAAC swimmers earned at least one Top 6 finish, 10 of our swimmers finished 1st place in one event or more, and one swimmer attained a new OJO State Cut.  The details are:

Alex Arlin (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 50 Breast; 2nd place, 100 Breast; 3rd place, 100 IM; 4th place, 200 IM
Patrick Daly (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 & 200 Free, 200 IM
Natalie Duperre (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 50 Free; 4th place, 100 IM; 6th place, 100 Free
Nicole Grandinetti (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 200 IM; 4th place, 50 Free; 5th place, 50 Breast
Maki Hall (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 200 IM; 5th place, 50 Fly, 100 Free, & 100 Breast
Brandy Harris (Girls 11-12):  6th place, 100 IM
Olivia Hovorka (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 100 IM; 6th place, 50 Breast
Max King (Boys 8 & under):  3rd place, 50 Free; 6th place, 25 Free
Midori Kisanuki (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 100 Back; 2nd place, 100 Fly & 200 Free; 4th place, 100 Free
Steffan Klein (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 100 Back; 4th place, 50 Fly; 5th place, 100 IM; 6th place, 100 Free
Ellie Moellering (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Free & 100 IM; 2nd place, 100 Free; 3rd place, 50 Back
Collin Morr (Boys 8 & under):  6th place, 25 Breast
Luke Parsons (Boys 11-12):  3rd place, 100 Breast; 4th place, 50 Breast
Chris Rogers (Boys 8 &under):  2nd place, 25 Fly; 3rd place, 25 Free; 5th place, 25 Back & 100 IM
Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 100 Breast & 100 IM; 5th place, 100 Free; 6th place, 50 Back
Katie Ryan (Girls 11-12):  4th place, 200 IM
Lauren Sadler (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 Free; 2nd place, 200 IM; 3rd place, 100 Fly
Allie Sarkisian (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 50 Back; 4th place, 50 & 100 Free
Caleb Schimming (Boys 9-10):  2nd place, 50 Back & 200 IM; 4th place, 50 Breast; 5th place, 100 Free
Hope Schimming (Girls 8 & under):  2nd place, 100 Free; 4th place, 25 Free
Sydney Sena (Girls 9-10):  5th place, 50 Back
Kelly Shur (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 100 IM; 2nd place, 50 Breast & 50 Fly
Elliott Simpson (Boys 11-12):  6th place, 50 Free
Josh Smith (Boys 8 & under):  4th place, 50 Free
Emili Toppari (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 & 100 Fly, 200 IM; 2nd place, 50 Free
Asher Zumock (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 50 Breast &50 Fly, 100 IM; 2nd place, 200 Free

Special congratulations to Ellie Moellering for earning an OJO State Cut in the Girls 9-10 50 Free by swimming 31.06 seconds!

Thank you again to all of our coaches, parents, and swimmers who contributed to making the Penguin Plunge a great experience for everyone who attended.

NAAC Ned Reeb 2013 

NAAC had a very good showing at the Ned Reeb Memorial Invitational HS meet on Saturday Dec 7th.  Many of our Cyclone and Elite swimmers achieved best times as well as helping their HS teams to some great relay finishes.  Congrats to all who competed and keep up the good work!  Highlights of the meet were:

Jessica Zaper, New Albany (girls 100 breaststroke, 11th place @ 1:09.40), Max Penn, St. Charles (boys 100 backstroke, 13th place @ 54.77), and Nick Noe, New Albany (boys 100 freestyle, 15th place @ 49.48) raced well and scored points for their HS teams in the consolation final.

Ally Wharton, Gahanna (girls breaststroke, 7th place @ 1:08.80), competed very well and scored points for her HS team in the championship final.

Tyler Welty, St. Charles, was the Meet Champion in the boys 100 breaststroke, swimming 59.37 to win the event!

Miranda Donley, CSG, was the Meet Champion in the girls 50 free, swimming 23.78 to win the event, and was the meet runner-up and finishing a close second in the girls 100 free at 52.79!!

And last but not least, Abby Stone, Granville, was the Meet Champion in both the girls 200 IM (2:04.91) and the girls 100 backstroke (56.21), as well as setting Meet Records in BOTH events!!  Abby was also an integral part in her HS relays setting meet records in the 200 Medley Relay and 400 Free Relay.

Congrats again to all of our NAAC HS swimmers competing at the Ned Reeb Memorial Invitational this year!

Katy Callard Distance Meet

Thanksgiving weekend, 21 NAAC swimmers took to the waters of the C. David Howell Worthington Pools Complex for the Katy Kallard Distance Meet.  The meet was not broken down by age group, so girls and boys competed respectively against swimmers of all ages. For many of our swimmers, this meet was their first time competing in a distance event.  For all of our swimmers, hearty congratulations are in order for competing in such challenging races and for performing so admirably.

The role call of NAAC competitors, with special distinction being made for the 6 NAAC swimmers who placed in the meet, is as follows:

Annie Moosivian – 1650 Free, 1st place
Andrew Bernsdorf – 1650 Free, 5th place
Jessica Zaper – 1650 Free, 6th place
Miranda Donley – 500 Free, 10th place
Durkin Ross – 500 Free, 10th place
Olivia Bergmann – 500 Free, 14th place
Alex Book – 500 Free
Dylan Ferencz – 500 Free
Claire Gordon – 500 Free
Diarmuid Hutchinson – 500 Free
Jada Johnson – 500 Free
Midori Kisanuki – 500 Free
Lauren Lapsley – 500 Free
Lily Lindemann – 500 Free
Lilian Muszynski – 500 Free
Wyatt Ross – 500 Free
Christian Rubcich – 500 Free
Evie Samanich – 500 Free
Jane Taylor - 500 Free
Asher Zumock – 500 Free

Again, congratulations to all 21 NAAC swimmers who competed in the Katy Kallard.  Thank you for representing NAAC proudly.



Thanks for Giving Meet

The New Albany Aquatics Club recently had the privilege of competing in OSU's Thanks For Giving Fall Classic in the fabulous McCorkle Aquatics Pavilion.  For some of our younger swimmers, this may have been their first time swimming at OSU, but, even for those veteran NAAC swimmers, swimming a meet at OSU is still a real treat.  Truly, McCorkle is one of the nicest natatoriums in the entire country, and we are very fortunate to have it in our own backyard.  More important, though, the Thanks For Giving Classic is also an opportunity for our swimmers and families to participate in a meaningful way to an enterprise that supplies thousands of canned and dry food items to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.  Kudos to NAAC and the other swim clubs which helped make this year's holiday season a little better for many people less fortunate than us.

   Turning our now attention to NAAC's exploits in the water, we have much to be proud of in this regard as well.  30 of our swimmers placed in top six of at least one event, 4 swimmers achieved new OJO state qualifying times, and Abby Stone broke a team record that had stood for nearly six years!

Carson Barnes (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 100 Fly; 3rd place, 100 Free & 100 Back; 4th place, 50 Free

Taylor Berend (Girls 15 & over):  2nd place, 200 Breast; 3rd place, 200 Free

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under):  1st place, 25 Free, 25 Back, 25 Fly, 25 Breast, & 50 Fly

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 100 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Fly & 100 Back; 4th place, 100 Free & 100 IM

Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  3rd place, 200 Free; 5th place, 400 IM & 500 Free

Matthew Bernsdorf (Boys 15 & over):  2nd place, 200 Fly, 400 IM, & 500 Free

Sydney Brault (Girls 15 & over):  5th place, 500 Free

Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  3rd place, 50 Back & 50 Fly; 6th place, 50 Free

Lila DeLong (Girls 8 & under):  3rd place, 50 Fly

Miranda Donley (Girls 13-14):  2nd place, 200 Back; 3rd place, 200 Free; 4th place 100 Breast & 200 Fly

Emma Hogan (Girls 9-10):  6th place, 200 Free

Sammie Kass (Girls 13-14):  5th place, 200 Breast

Kaden Kist (Boys 8 & under):  6th place, 50 Free & 25 Back

Ashlyn Morr (Girls 8 & under):  2nd place, 25 Back; 3rd place, 50 Free; 4th place, 25 Free, 25 Fly & 25 Breast

Nick Noe (Boys 15 & over):  3rd place, 200 Fly; 5th place, 200 IM; 6th place, 50 Free

Max Penn (Boys 15 & over):  3rd place, 100 Breast; 5th place, 200 Back

Claire Richardson (Girls 8 & under):  6th place, 50 Free

Cy Richardson (Boys 9-10):  5th place, 50 Free, 50 Back & 50 Fly

Michael Ritchey (Boys 15 & over):  3rd place, 400 IM & 500 Free

Chris Rogers (Boys 8 & under):  1st place, 25 & 50 Fly, 50 Back; 2nd place, 50 Free; 6th place, 25 Breast

Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12):  3rd place, 50 Breast

Caleb Schimming (Boys 9-10):  6th place, 100 Breast & 100 IM

Hope Schimming (Girls 8 & under):  3rd place, 100 IM; 4th place, 50 Free & 50 Breast; 5th place, 25 Back

Abby Stone (Girls 15 & over):  1st place, 50 & 100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly, & 200 IM

Tyler Welty (Boys 15 & over):  1st place, 100 & 200 Breast

Ally Wharton (Girls 13-14):  4th place, 200 Breast

Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 100 Breast & 200 IM; 3rd place, 50 Breast

Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10): 4th place, 50 Breast

Olivia Young (Girls 9-10):  5th place, 100 Fly

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Breast; 3rd place, 100 Breast

 Congratulations to Abby Stone who set a new Girls 17-18 team record in the 100 Back (58.62 seconds)!

Congratulations to Elyse Bergman, Girl's Eight and under High Point Winner!

Swimmers of the Meet are:

Breakers and Ripples: What a great job all the Breaker's and Ripple's did at this OSU meet.  What a great experience to swim in such a fast pool! 
Stefanie Janevski:  Really did a great job overcoming and did a great job swimming her events.
Isaac: "Isaac swam a great meet, the coaches saw a huge improvement from last year. Keep up the great work!"

Nick Eberts and Devin Shaw - Devin and Nick are the first Waves Swimmers to swim the 200 free, and they both had great swims with flip-turns and great strokes. They challenged themselves and did a great job at swimming a longer event. 


Elyse Bergmann- High Point winner and won all 5 of her events. She just loves to swim and compete and it is great when she is rewarded for all her hard work.  

Cy Richardson-Awesome swims all meet and his first JO cut in the 50 Free. Cy is going to have an amazing year because he trains and competes in practice each and every day!


Alex Arlin- Dropped a ton of time across the board including 14 seconds in the 50 Fly. All of his strokes have come a long way and the work he has been doing has been paying off in swim meets.

Katie Ryan- also dropped lots of time in her different events and had an extremely successful day of swimming at Thanks for Giving. She has improved a lot this year and with her positive attitude she will continue improving all year.


Olivia Bergmann - Olivia came to the meet and showed up to RACE!!  She dropped time in her events across the board, showed a great positive attitude and picked up two new JO cuts!

Claire Gordon - Claire has been recovering from a stress fracture in her leg from her cross country season.  She has still been coming to practice , working hard every day and it has paid off!  She had personal bests in every event and her strokes are looking great!

George Economus - George had an incredible meet!  The attention to detail he puts in at practice to improve his strokes lead him to achieving personal bests in 4 out of 5 of his events and his strokes are looking amazing!


Andrew Bernsdorf, top 10 finishes in all 5 events with 4 of 5 events swam at all-time best times, the most impressive a 22 second time drop in the 400IM to go 4:59.44!


Abby Stone, winner of all 5 of her events and high point winner for 15 and over age group!  Also a NEW team record for the 17-18 100 backstroke!!

As mentioned above, four NAAC swimmers achieved new OHJO state cuts while competing at The Thanks For Giving Meet.  These four competitors are:

  • Olivia Bergmann:  100 Back & 100 IM

  • Miranda Donley:  100 Breast

  • Cy Richardson:  50 Free

  • Olivia Young:  100 Fly

  • Julia Zaper:  100 Breast 

Great job to all of our swimmers!  Our 2013-14 season is shaping up to be a strong one indeed!



Golden Bear Meet!

The New Albany Aquatics Club opened its 2013-2014 in impressive fashion at the Golden Bear Invitational. This three-day meet at Upper Arlington often provides an early season barometer for many of our clubs swimmers, and this year our swimmers once again showed fine fall form.  In fact, 37 NAAC swimmers earned points for our team at the Golden Bear, and the following 26 competitors distinguished themselves with top ten finishes.

Carson Barnes (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 100 & 200 Fly; 4th place, 200 IM; 6th place, 50 Free, 100 Free &100 Back
Taylor Berend (Girls 15 & over):  2nd place, 100 Breast; 8th place, 200 Back; 9th place, 200 Breast
Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 50 Fly; 2nd place, 50 Back & 200 IM; 6th place, 50 Free; 7th place, 50 Breast & 200 Free
Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  8th place, 200 Back; 10th place, 100 Free, 100 Back & 200 IM
Matthew Benrsdorf (Boys 15 & over):  9th place, 100 Fly; 10th place, 200 Breast
Sydney Boals (Girls 10 & under):  9th place, 50 Free
Maddy Brandon (Girls 11-12):  9th place, 50 Fly
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Back; 7th place, 200 IM; 10th place, 50 Free
Miranda Donley (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 & 100 Free, 100 Back & 100 Fly; 7th place, 200 IM
Dylan Ferencz (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 50 Free; 3rd place, 50 Fly; 6th place, 200 Free
Charlie Henry (Boys 15 & over):  10th place, 400 IM
Emma Hogan (Girls 10 & under):  6th place, 100 IM; 7th place, 50 Free; 8th place, 100 Free; 10th place, 50 Fly
Crew Jochems (Girls 10 & under):  6th place, 50 Fly
Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12):  4th place, 50 Back; 6th place, 200 IM; 7th place, 200 Free; 8th place, 50 Fly; 9th place, 50 Free
Ellie Moellering (Girls 10 & under):  5th place, 100 IM; 10th place, 50 Free
Nick Noe (Boys 15 & over):  7th place, 400 IM; 8th place, 50 Free & 200 IM
Max Penn (Boys 15 & over):  2nd place, 100 & 200 Back; 6th place, 200 Breast & 400 IM; 8th place, 100 Breast
Michael Ritchey (Boys 15 & over):  8th place, 200 Fly; 9th place, 100 Fly
Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12):  6th place, 50 Breast
Abby Stone (Girls 15 & over):  2nd place, 100 Back, 100 & 200 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Free, 100 Breast & 400 IM; 4th place, 100 Free & 200 IM; 8th place, 200 Breast
Tyler Welty (Boys 15 & over):  1st place, 100 & 200 Breast
Ally Wharton (Girls 13-14):  2nd place, 100 Breast
Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Breast; 7th place, 200 IM
Emma Yakam (Girls 10 & under):  9th place, 50 Breast
Olivia Young (Girls 10 & under):  4th place, 50 Fly
Julia Zaper (Girls 10 & under):  2nd place, 50 Breast; 3rd place, 50 Free, 50 Fly & 100 IM; 6th place, 100 Free; 7th place, 50 Back

Swimmers of the Meet!

Breaker/Ripple: Yasemin Bilgin and Elizabeth Campbell are the Breaker/Ripple swimmer of the meet.  Both ladies looked very strong in the water and had great swims.  They have been working very hard in practice!  

Waves: Natalie Duprere, she had fantastic swims in all her events, dropping time in all of them. She also had great starts, turns, and streamlines.

Tsunami:  Elyse Bergmann: Elyse PR'ed in every event and showed that hard work and a great attitude every day in practice leads to success. 

Ashlyn Mohr: Ashlyn was 7 and just turned 8!  She always works hard and races hard, but smiles while she is doing it.

Hurricane:  Emma Hogan dropped more than a second in every event she swam and dropped more than 10 seconds in 3 different events. Her lowest drop was 1.7 seconds. Went in to every race excited to swim and gave 100% effort even in longer races that she didn't have much experience in.

Asher Zumock- Dropped 37 seconds in the 500 free, swam a variety of different events and dropped time across the board. 

Typhoon:  Mian Brindisi: Mian has been training hard and it paid off.  She had personal best in everyone of her events and displayed her great practice habits by not breathing in or out of her any flip turns!  

Hunter Conn:  Hunter also had personal best in all of his events!  He even dropped 70 seconds in his 200 IM!  Keep up the hard work!!

Cyclone:  Carson Barnes started off the 2013-14 season strong, with 2 wins at all-time bests (PR's) and all 6 swims finishing in the top 6 at the Golden Bear meet at UA.

Elite:  Miranda Donley kicked off the season with 4 event wins at the Golden Bear and was right on the cusp of all-time bests (PR's) in 2 of her 4 wins. 

Congratulations to all of swimmers who competed at the Golden Bear!  Thanks to helping NAAC get off to a great start this season!

Age Group Central Zone Meet

NAAC proudly sent nine swimmers to the Central Zone 14 & under Swim Championships at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio from August 2-4. The Zone Meet is the highest level of age group swimming attainable in USA Swimming, and the experience of swimming for Team Ohio in the Zone Meet proved to be an exciting one for all our swimmers. Three of our nine competitors extended their summer success by qualifying for an event final at Zones, and a fourth was effectively a finalist as well in the 10 & under timed finals session. As a result, these four NAAC swimmers scored points for Team Ohio at the meet.

NAAC's Central Zone finalists were:

Carson Barnes (Boys 13-14): 7th place, 100 Fly; (also competed in the 50 Free)

Alaina Bernsdorf (Girls 9-10): 9th place, 50 Breast

Samantha Kass (Girls 11-12): 15th place, 50 Breast; (also competed in the 100 Breast)

Ally Wharton (Girls 13-14): 12th place, 200 Breast; 14th place, 100 Breast

In addition to the athletes mentioned above, the following five NAAC swimmers also competed at Zones and deserve both recognition and congratulations:

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12): 50 Fly

Dylan Ferencz (Boys 11-12): 50 Free, 100 Free

Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12): 100 Breast

Jessica Zaper (Girls 13-14): 50 Free

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10): 50 Breast


Lastly, it should be noted that in the process of qualifying for the finals of the Boys 13-14 100 Fly, Carson Barnes set a new team record at the Zone Meet by swimming 1:03.24!

Congratulations to all of our Zone competitors! What a great way to cap off a successful summer of hard work in the pool.

Senior Meet and Speedo Sectionals

Immediately on the heels of the 14 & under OHJO State Championships, Seven of NAAC’s older competitors took to the same waters of the Corwin Nixon Natatorium at Miami University to swim in the Central Zone Section 3 Championship Meet. Our Sectional swimmers had a fabulous meet, as everyone of our 7 competitors swam personal best times in multiple events and two of our swimmers, Frederick Jenny and Abby Stone, placed in the meet and scored points for NAAC in the process.

Our Sectional swimmers and their events were:

Taylor Berend (16): 50 & 100 Free, 200 Breast

Rachel Jackson (17): 50 & 100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly

Senior Meet and Speedo Sectionals

Immediately on the heels of the 14 & under OHJO State Championships, Seven of NAAC’s older competitors took to the same waters of the Corwin Nixon Natatorium at Miami University to swim in the Central Zone Section 3 Championship Meet. Our Sectional swimmers had a fabulous meet, as everyone of our 7 competitors swam personal best times in multiple events and two of our swimmers, Frederick Jenny and Abby Stone, placed in the meet and scored points for NAAC in the process.

Our Sectional swimmers and their events were:

Taylor Berend (16): 50 & 100 Free, 200 Breast

Rachel Jackson (17): 50 & 100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly

Frederick Jenny (19): 100 Breast (15th place), 50, 100 & 200 Free

Max Penn (17); 100 Back, 100 Breast

Rachel Politi (16): 100 Fly, 200 Free, 200 Fly

Abby Stone (16): 100 Back (3rd place)200 Back (15th place)200 IM (17th place), 50 & 100 Free, 100 Fly

Tyler Welty (16): 100 Breast

Additionally, six NAAC team records were broken at The Sectionals, two of which had stood since 2007. The particulars of our new team records are:

Abby Stone (Girls 15-16): 100 Back (1:04.61), 200 Back (2:22.28), 200 IM (2:24.37)

Rachel Jackson (Girls 17-18): 100 Fly (1:07.54)

Rachel Politi (Girls 15-16): 200 Free (2:12.16)

Tyler Welty (Boys 15-16): 100 Breast (1:09.29)

All seven of these swimmers deserve hearty congratulations for their great swims at Sectionals. 

Many of these swimmers immediately changed pool locations and swam in the Senior Meet at Kenyon College! What a grueling week of peak performances! The Senior meet is always a favorite of the team as the swimmers stay in the dorms at Kenyon and these are very nice apartment layouts with multiple bedrooms and full kitchen and living areas! Team bonding is great at the Senior meet!

 NAAC's high school and college swimmers competed from July 25-28 at Kenyon College in the Ohio Senior Long Course Championships. The Senior Meet, as it is commonly known, was the last opportunity for many of our older swimmers to compete this summer, and our NAAC contingent of 25 swimmers made the most of its chances. 11 NAAC swimmers placed and scored points in the meet for the club, and 6 of these 11 competitors managed top ten finishes. Equally exciting, two new team records were established (one individual and one relay), and one of our swimmers and a men's relay won state titles!

First, the list of NAAC swimmers who placed in the meet (with top ten finishes in bold): 

Taylor Berend (16): 7th place100 Breast; 8th place, 50 Free; 10th place, 100 Free; 15th place, 200 Free; 16th place, 100 Fly

Matthew Bernsdorf (16): 16th place, 400 IM

Sydney Brault (16): 19th place, 1500 Free

Lauren Cullen (17): 18th place, 100 Fly

Frederick Jenny (19): 4th place, 50 Free; 8th place, 100 Free

Haley McLellan (18): 12th place, 50 Free

Nick Noe (17): 17th place, 400 IM

Max Penn (17): 8th place, 100 Breast; 14th place, 200 Breast & IM; 17th place, 100 Back; 19th place, 200 Back

Rachel Politi (16): 5th place, 50 & 400 Free; 8th place, 200 Back

Abby Stone (16): 1st place, 100 Fly; 2nd place, 100 Back; 3rd place, 200 Back; 5th place, 100 & 200 Free

Tyler Welty (16): 2nd place, 200 Breast; 4th place, 100 Breast

 Mens 400 Medley Relay of Max Penn, Frederick Jenny, Matt Gleason and Alex Alfonso winning the event by over 2 full seconds in a time of 4:07.80.

As previously mentioned, there were also two team records were broken at the Senior Meet

* Haley McLellan (Girls 17-18) set a new team record in the 50 Back Long Course by swimming 33.45 seconds.

* Haley McLellan, Rachel Politi, Amanda Jenny, and Taylor Berend combined to break a 12-year old club record in the Girls Senior 200 Free Relay by swimming a scorching 1:54.34.

Last, but certainly not least, Abby Stone won the Girls 100 Fly Long Course State Championship with a time of 1:04.94!

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed in the Senior Meet.

Congratulations to our Zone Qualifiers!

 bottom row, left to right 

Ally Wharton, Olivia Bergmann, Alaina Bernsdorf, Samantha Kass, Jessica Zaper

 top row, left to right, are:

Andrew Bernsdorf, Carson Barnes, Dylan F

Ohio Junior Olympics

The New Albany Aquatics Club proudly sent 18 swimmers to the Ohio Junior Olympic State Long Course Championship at Miami of Ohio. Very few swimmers across the state qualify for this championship meet, and the swimmers who represented our club in Oxford from July 18-21 acquitted themselves very impressively over the four days of swimming.

The most notable individual accomplishment by a NAAC swimmer was Andrew Bernsdorf's 10th place finish in the overall individual standings for the Boys 11-12 age group. Andrew tallied 64 individual points for NAAC and qualified for the championship finals heat in four events.

Special recognition is also deserved for four other NAAC swimmers who qualified for the championship final heat of the following events:

Alaina Bernsdorf (50 & 100 Breast), Samantha Kass (50 & 100 Breast), Ally Wharton (100 & 200 Breast), and Julia Zaper (50 Breast).

Overall, 8 of our 18 NAAC swimmers qualified to swim in either the consolation or championship heat of finals in Oxford, and this group of 8 swimmers did so in 20 different events! Our honor list of finalists is made up of:

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12): 13th place, 100 Fly; 14th place, 50 Fly; (also competed in the 50 Free, 50 & 100 Back, 50 & 100 Breast)

Alaina Bernsdorf (Girls 9-10): 4th place, 50 Breast; 6th place 100 Breast

Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 11-12): 7th place, 100 Back & 200 Free; 8th place, 100 Fly & 400 Free; 10th place, 50 Free;

11th place, 200 IM; 12th place, 100 Free

Dylan Ferencz (Boys 11-12): 9th place, 50 Free; 14th place, 100 Free; (also competed in the 50 Fly, 200 Free)

Samantha Kass (Girls 11-12): 6th place, 50 Breast; 8th place, 100 Breast; (also competed in the 50 Free)

Rylee Kreinbrink (Girls 9-10): 12th place, 50 Fly; (also competed in the 50 Back, 100 Fly)

Ally Wharton (Girls 13-14): 8th place, 100 & 200 Breast

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10): 8th place, 50 Breast; 13th place, 100 Breast

The following swimmers also competed in individual events at the State Meet and should be congratulated both for qualifying for the meet as well as for their performances at the it.

Carson Barnes (Boys 13-14): 50 Free, 100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly

Jared Kass (Boys 9-10): 50 Free, 100 Free, 50 Back, 100 Back, 50 Fly, 50 Breast, 200 IM

Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12): 50 Back

Lilian Muszynski (Girls 9-10): 50 Breast

Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12): 50 Breast, 100 Breast

Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10): 50 Breast

Jessica Zaper (Girls 13-14): 50 Free, 100 Free, 100 Back, 200 Back, 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 200 IM

Joining these individual qualifiers, the following three swimmers teamed with swimmers mentioned above on multiple relays that earned spots to compete at the State Meet.

Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12 ): 200 & 400 Free Relays, 200 Medley Relay

Jada Johnson (Girls 11-12): 200 & 400 Free Relays, 200 & 400 Medley Relays

Livy Meeting (Girls 9-10): 200 Free & Medley Relays

Finally, an additional shout-out is in order for our NAAC swimmers who swam times which bettered the Central Zone standards while competing in Oxford. These swimmers were:

Olivia Bergmann - 50 Fly

Alaina Bernsdorf - 50 & 100 Breast

Andrew Bernsdorf – 50, 100, 200 & 400 Free, 100 Back, 200 IM

Dylan Ferencz - 50 & 100 Free

Samantha Kass - 50 & 100 Breast

Ally Wharton - 100 Breast

Abby Yakam – 100 Breast

Jessica Zaper - 50 Free

Julia Zaper - 50 Breast

Again, congratulations to all of our boys and girls who competed in the OJO Long Course State Championships, and good luck to those NAAC swimmers who are going on to compete at the Central Zones!

Regional Meet!

Many NAAC swimmers competed in the Long Course North Regional Championships at Bowling Green University on the weekend of July 12-14. All of our swimmers achieved personal best times in at least one of their races, and several of our swimmers earned trips back to finals in the meet and added state long course cuts to their list of achievements.

The following swimmers qualified for finals at the Regionals and scored points for our team:

Carson Barnes (Boys 13-14): 4th place, 100 Free; 5th place, 50 Free

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12): 6th place, 50 Free; 7th place, 50 breast; 11th place, 50 Back

Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12): 4th place, 50 Back; 8th place, 50 Free

Dylan Ferencz (Boys 11-12): 3rd place, 50 Fly; 10th place, 50 Breast; 11th place, 50 Back

Inji Kang (Girls (11-12): 6th place, 50 Back

Rylee Kreinbrink (Girls 9-10): 2nd place, 50 Fly; 7th place, 200 IM; 8th place, 100 Back; 13th place, 50 & 100 Free

Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12): 4th place, 200 IM; 6th place, 50 & 100 Breast; 10th place, 50 Free; 11th place, 100 Free; 16th place, 50 Fly

Jessica Zaper (Girls 13-14): 3rd place, 100 Fly

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10): 8th place, 50 Free & 50 Fly; 16th place, 50 Back & 200 IM

There will be more exciting news to report in the near future as NAAC swimmers will be competing this month in the Ohio Junior Olympic and Sectional Meets at Miami University, the Senior Meet at Kenyon College, and the Central Zone Championships at SPIRE.


The New Albany Aquatics Club took the waters of OSU’s McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion again last weekend for the Mike Peppe/John Bruce Memorial Meet. This three-day meet showcased some of the fastest swimmers in Ohio and, as we witnessed, Michigan as well. Our club had 36 swimmers participate in the meet, and 17 of them scored points for our team at the meet. 

Among the highlights, NAAC swimmers tallied 18 top ten finishes, Andrew Bernsdorf finished 3rd overall in the Boys 11-12 age group, and Abby Stone broke 3 long course team records (100 & 200 Back, 200 IM) and was the 100 Backstroke meet Champion swimming 1:05.14 to win the meet, just shy of the 100 Backstroke USA Jr. National qualifying time of 1:04.99!

Broke Team Records in the 100 & 200 Back, 200 IM!

NAAC swimmers who placed and scored team points in the meet were:

Carson Barnes (Boys 13-14): 14th place, 50 Free; 18th place, 100 Back; 20th place, 200 Free

Taylor Berend (Girls 15 & over): 10th place, 200 Breast; 20th place, 100 Free

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12): 3rd place, 100 Fly

Alaina Bernsdorf (Girls 9-10): 4th place, 50 Breast

Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 11-12): 4th place, 100 Back & 100 Fly; 5th place, 100 Free; 7th place, 200 Free & 200 IM; 9th place, 400 Free; 10th place, 50 Free

Dylan Ferencz (Boys 11-12): 5th place, 50 Free; 8th place, 100 Free

Frederick Jenny (Boys 15 & over): 12th place, 200 Breast; 14th place, 100 Breast

Jared Kass (Boys 9-10): 9th place, 50 Free; 15th place, 50 Breast; 16th place, 50 Fly; 17th place, 100 Free; 20thplace, 50 Back

Samantha Kass (Girls 11-12): 12th place, 100 Breast

Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12): 20th place, 100 Breast

Nick Noe (Boys 15 & over): 17th place, 50 Free

Abby Stone (Girls 15 & over):1st Place 100 Back; 12th place, 200 Back & 200 IM; 14th place, 50 Free; 18th place, 100 Fly

Tyler Welty (Boys 15 & over): 13th place, 200 Breast; 20th place, 100 Breast

Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12): 4th place, 100 Breast

Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10): 20th place, 50 Breast

Jessica Zaper (Girls 13-14): 17th place, 200 IM; 20th place, 100 Free & 100 Fly

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10): 14th place, 50 Breast

Congratulations to all of the NAAC swimmers who competed last weekend. Your hard work at Denison and the Links seems paying off. Good luck to all of younger age group swimmers entered in the upcoming Regional and State Meets and to our older swimmers entered in the Sectional and Senior Meets.

Creekside Meet!

NAAC swimmers across all age groups competed last weekend in Gahanna at the Creekside Blues and Jazz Blast Meet. A distinguishing characteristic of the Creekside Meet is the seeding of the swimmers by time only, irrespective of age group or gender. This fairly unique format allows for such anomalies as the 1st Inaugural Chad Bernsdorf Father's Day Special in which Alaina (Girls 9-10) and Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 11-12) swam head-to-head, side-by-side in the 50-meter Breaststroke. All kidding aside, our swimmers did a fantastic job in what was the first 100% long course meet of the summer season. Case in point, 30 NAAC swimmers finished top 6 in at least one event at Creekside, and one new team record was established.

NAAC's top 6 finishers at Creekside were:

Victor Alfonso (Boys 15-16) - 3rd place, 200 Fly

Taylor Berend (Girls Senior) - 4th place, 50 & 100 Free

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under) - 1st place, 50 Back & 100 Breast; 2nd place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Free

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12) - 2nd place, 50 Fly

Alaina Bernsdorf (Girls 9-10) - 2nd place, 50 Breast

Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 11-12) - 1st place, 400 & 1500 Free; 4th place, 100 Fly; 6th place, 50 Fly, 50 Breast, 100 Free

Matthew Bernsdorf (Boys 15-16) - 3rd place, 400 IM; 5th place, 100 Breast, 400 Free, 1500 Free; 6th place, 50 & 100 Free

Lauren Cullen (Girls 17-18) - 2nd place, 200 Back; 3rd place, 100 ; 4th place, 200 IM; 6th place, 50 Free

Dylan Ferencz (Boys 11-12) - 2nd place, 50 Free; 4th place, 100 Free: 6th place, 400 Free

Amanda Jenny (Girls 17-18) - 2nd place, 100 Breast; 3rd place, 1500 Free; 4th place, 50 & 400 Free; 6th place, 100 & 200 Free

Frederick Jenny (Boys Senior) - 3rd place, 100 Breast; 5th place, 50 Free

Inji Kang (Girls 11-12) - 4th place, 200 Back

Samantha Kass (Girls 11-12) - 3rd place, 50 Breast; 5th place, 100 Breast

Rylee Kreinbrink (Girls 9-10) - 2nd place, 100 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Fly; 4th place, 200 Free

Brendan Murphy (Boys 17-18) - 2nd place, 100 Back & 100 Breast; 3rd place, 100 Fly; 5th place, 50, 100 & 200 Free

Lilian Muszynski (Girls 9-10) - 3rd place, 50 Breast

Nick Noe (Boys 17-18) - 3rd place, 50 & 1500 Free; 6th place, 200 IM

Max Penn (Boys Senior) - 4th place, 200 Back

Rachel Politi (Girls Senior) - 1st place, 100 Fly; 5th place, 200 Free, 200 IM, 400 Free

Michael Ritchey (Boys 15-16) - 1st place, 100 Fly

Durkin Ross (Boys 17-18) - 3rd place, 200 Breast; 4th place, 100 Breast; 5th place, 400 Free

Grace Taylor (Girls 15-16) - 5th place, 100 Back

Jane Taylor (Girls 11-12) - 5th place, 200 Back

Tyler Welty (Boys 15-16) - 1st place, 100 & 200 Breast; 2nd place, 100 Fly; 4th place, 400 IM; 6th place, 200 IM

Ally Wharton (Girls 13-14) - 2nd place, 100 Breast; 3rd place, 200 Breast

Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12) - 1st place, 50 Breast; 2nd place, 100 Breast; 3rd place, 200 Breast

Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10) - 5th place, 50 Breast

Max Yudovich (Boys 17-18) - 3rd place, 100 Breast; 4th place, 50 Free & 100 Back; 6th place, 100 Free

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10) - 3rd place, 100 Breast; 4th place, 50 Breast

Last, but certainly not least, Andrew Bernsdorf established a new long course team record at Creekside in the Boys 11-12 1500 Free by swimming an impressive 20:32.48.

Next up, the Mike Peppe-John Bruce Memorial Invitational at OSU.

Spring Into Summer!

The New Albany Aquatics Club began its summer long course season last weekend with the OSU's annual Spring Into Summer Meet. This hybrid meet includes a mix of both short and long course races and is a good way for our summer swimmers to get back into that competitive groove. 

NAAC's contingent of swimmers acquitted themselves admirably over the three-day meet, as four team records were broken and two of our swimmers – Abby Stone (3rd place, Girls 15 & over) and Andrew Bernsdorf (5th place, Boys 11-12) - finished in the top ten of their respective age groups.

The new long course team records that were established are: