2014-15 Season

2015 OHJO Championships


The short-course season concluded over the weekend of March 13th through the 15th with the Ohio Junior Olympic Short Course Championship meet in Bowling Green.  We had excellent representation at the OHJO meet with 27 swimmers qualifying in at least one individual event.  In addition to our individual swimmers, we qualified 20 relays!


New Team records were established by Nate Stadler, Andrew Bernsdorf and Olivia Bergmann.


Nate Stadler grabbed four records at the in the 1650 Free, 100 Back, 200 Back and 50 Back. Nate was also the State Champion in the 1650 Freestyle!


Boys 13-14; 1650 Free, 100 Back, 200 Back and 50 Back


Olivia Bergmann set a new backstroke record!

Girls 13-14 100 Backstroke

Andrew Bernsdorf earned a new record in the 1650 free which was lowered by Nate Stadler in a later heat. 

Boys 13-14 1650 Free

Congratulations to the following NAAC swimmers who qualified for finals, finishing in the top 16 in their events:

10 & Under Girls:

Elyce Bergmann     5th 100 fly; 14th 100 IM; 14th 200 IM; 14th 50 back

Callie Demers        11th 100 fly

Marisa Downs        12th 50 fly; 15th 100 back; 16th 200 IM

Carly Meeting        13th 200 IM; 15th 50 free

10 & Under Boys:

Ben Stevenson        14th 100 free

11-12 Boys:

Alex Arlin            16th 100 breast; 16th 50 breast

Tommy Morris        4th 50 fly; 6th 100 free; 7th 50 free; 9th 100 fly; 10th 100 IM

13-14 Girls:

Abby Yakam        12th 100 breast; 16th 200 breast

13-14 Boys:

Andrew Bernsdorf    4th 1,650 free; 7th 400 IM; 7th 500 free; 8th 200 IM; 16th 200 back

Nate Stadler        1st 1,650 free; 3rd 500 free; 4th 200 back; 5th 100 free; 6th 50 free; 7th 100 back


2015 NCSA winter Jr Nationals SCY

Congratulations to all of our New Albany Aquatic Club 2015 NCSA Jr. National swimmers who competed at the Orlando YMCA in Orlando, Florida over the week of Tuesday March 17th through Saturday March 21st, 2015!  We had 14 NAAC swimmers representing our club at Jr. Nationals this year in a total of 53 swims!  We qualified and competed in 5 relays each for the girls and the boys for 10 relays in total, and competed in 43 individual races with 8 swims making it back to the evening finals session (Abby Stone in 7 different events, Tyler Welty in 1 event).  Abby Stone led the way in total scoring for our team with her highlight performance in the finals of the 50 backstroke - placing 7th and earning both a medal and a spot on the podium at Jr. Nationals this year!! 


We had 10 new individual team records established at Jr. Nationals and 1 new relay record.  Our NAAC swimmers also achieved a total of 29 individual best ever times out of our 53 event swims across prelims, finals and relays at Jr. Nationals, after a long 3 week HS Championship season into our Ohio Senior Meet Championship the following week (where we placed 4th overall…!!), and then swimming at Jr. Nationals the week after that.  With MORE THAN HALF of our swims at personal best times at Jr. Nationals this simply goes to show that all of our hard work in and out of the pool over the course of the year pays off with an extended peaking phase, and our NAAC swimmers are generally able to perform at their highest level for an extended period.

Our NAAC Girls team finished in 34th place at Jr. Nationals scoring 62 points and our NAAC Boys team finished in 79th place scoring 5 points.  

All of our Jr. National swimmers are listed below with their individual events and all of our NAAC relays with relay members noted follow.  Individual swimmers and swims that made it back to finals and placed in the Top 40 are in bold; all relays competed as timed finals.

Congrats again to all of our NAAC Jr. National qualifiers!!!


Abby Stone

50 free 37th

100 Free 24th

200 Free

100 Back 11th

50 Back 7th – podium finish!!

200 Back 13th

100 Fly 21st

50 Fly 21st

50 Breast


Ally Wharton

100 Breast, 50 Breast, 200 Breast, 200IM, 50 Back, 50 Fly


Quinn Fike

100 Back, 50 Back, 50 Fly


Annie Moosavian

50 Free, 50 Fly, 50 Back


Tyler Welty

50 Breast 30th

100 Breast, 200 Breast, 100 Fly, 50 Fly


Carson Barnes

100 Fly, 50 Fly, 200 Fly, 50 Back


Nick Ward

50 Free, 100 Free, 50 Fly


Matthew Bernsdorf

100 Breast, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 50 Back


Grant Stahl

100 Fly, 50 Fly, 200IM, 50 Breast


Nate Stadler

1000 free, 1500 free





Girls 400 and 200 Medley Relays


Back Quinn Fike

Breast Ally Wharton

Fly Abby Stone

Free Annie Moosavian


Girls 400 and 200 Free Relays


Abby Stone

Sarah Martin

Annie Moosavian

Taylor Berend


Girls 800 Free Relay


Abby Stone

Sarah Martin

Paige Griesse

Taylor Berend


Boys 400 and 200 Medley Relays


Back Nate Stadler

Breast Tyler Welty

Fly Carson Barnes  

Free Matthew Bernsdorf


Boys 400 Free Relay


Nick Ward  

Matthew Bernsdorf

Michael Ritchey

Carson Barnes


Boys 200 Free Relay


Matthew Bernsdorf

Michael Ritchey

Carson Barnes

Grant Stahl


Boys 800 Free Relay


Michael Ritchey

Matthew Bernsdorf

Nate Stadler

Grant Stahl


Short Course Season Championship Meet Records Set!

NAAC ended the short course season with a bang with several swimmers and one relay breaking multiple team records achieving their peak perfomances for winter training. 

Nate Stadler grabbed four records at the Ohio Junior Olympics at Bowling Green in the 1650 Free, 100 Back, 200 Back and 50 Back. He lowered his 100 Back and 50 Back marks at the NCSA Junior National Championships a week later and added the 1000 Freestyle record to own five new team records for this short course season. 


Nate Stadler - New Team Records

 Boys 14-14 50 Back, 100 Back, 200 Back, 1000 Free, 1650 Free



Abby Stone continued her rewrite of the record board setting new marks in the 50 Back and 100 Back at NCSA Junior Nationals capping off a truly outstanding season for her senior year short course swims!

Abby Stone - New Team Records

Girls 17-18 50 Back, 100 Back


Tyler Welty Inked a new Breastroke record at NCSA Juniors placing his name solidly on the record board to finish this short course season. 


Tyler Welty - New Team Record

Boys 17-18 50 Breast


Olivia Bergmann captured the Backstroke record at the Ohio Junior Olympics

Olivia Bergmann - New Team Record

Girls 13-14 100 Backstroke


Andrew Bernsdorf also broke the 1650 Free Record at OHJO

and held it briefly until Nate Stadler lowered his mark in a later heat. 

Andrew Bernsdorf - New Team Record

Boys 13-14 1650 Free


Girls 800 Free Relay set a new team record at NCSA Junior Nationals!

Abby Stone

Sarah Martin

Paige Griesse

Taylor Berend



2015 Ohio Swimming Regional Championships

Thursday, February 19th through Sunday, February 22nd 

The NAAC team braved the cold and snow over the weekend and had a great weekend of swimming competition at the Upper Arlington Regional Championships.   

Earning JO Qualifying times at the meet were:

Elyce Bergmann 200 free, 100 breast

Olivia Bergmann 50 free, 100 free

Syndey Boals 50 breast

Callie Demers 50 free, 50 breast

Marisa Downs 50 free, 100 free, 100 back, 100 fly, 200 IM

Samantha Kass 200 breast, 200 IM

Livy Meeting 50 back

Evie Morris 50 back

Julia Zaper 50 fly

Alex Arlin 50 fly

Patrick Daly 100 back

Jimmy Lapsley 50 back, 50 fly

Tommy Morris 200 free, 100 breast, 200 IM

Chris Rogers 100 back, 100 IM

Ben Stevenson 200 free, 100 back, 100 IM

Congratulations to the following NAAC swimmers who finished in the Top Ten across all tiers:

10 & Under Girls:

Elyce Bergmann        1st 200 free; 2nd 100 breast

Carolyn Daly        2nd 50 fly; 3rd 50 back; 7th 200 IM; 7th 50 free; 10th 100 IM

Calie Demers 1st 50 breast; 1st place in 50 free; 2nd 100 IM; 3rd 200 IM; 4th 100 free; 4th 200 free; 9th 100 breast

Marisa Downs        1st 100 back; 1st 100 fly; 1st 100 free; 1st 200 IM; 2nd 200 free; 5th 100 breast

Mimi Economus        3rd 50 free; 4th 100 back; 5th 100 free; 5th 50 fly; 7th 200 free

Lily Goodman        9th 200 IM

Carly Meeting        2nd 100 back; 3rd 50 breast; 4th 100 breast

Ashlyn Morr        3rd 100 free; 3rd 200 free; 4th 200 IM; 5th 100 back; 7th 50 breast

Evie Morris        2nd 50 breast; 6th 100 free; 9th 100 back; 10th 200 free

Olivia Sanabria        9th 50 back; 10th 50 fly

Hope Schimming        3rd 100 back; 4th 50 back; 5th 100 IM; 5th 200 free; 5th 200 IM; 8th 100 free

Jillian Velto        4th 50 free; 6th 50 fly; 7th 50 back; 8th 200 IM; 10th 100 back



You also have marisa downs listed in 11-12 and she too is 9-10

10 & Under Boys:

Chase Boals        8th 100 back

Josh Emerman        8th 50 fly; 10th 200 free

Max King            7th 50 fly

Makana Knettler        4th 50 free; 6th 50 fly; 7th 50 back; 10th 100 free; 10th 100 IM; 10th 50 breast

Owen Kunstmann    5th 100 breast; 8th 200 free; 9th 100 IM

Colin Morr        6th 200 IM; 6th 50 breast; 7th 100 breast

Isaac Myhal        4th 50 back; 5th 50 breast; 5th 50 fly; 7th 200 free; 9th 50 free

Chris Rogers        1st 100 back; 1st 100 fly; 2nd 100 IM; 2nd 50 breast; 5th 100 free; 6th 200 free

Josh Smith        1st 50 breast; 3rd 100 breast; 3rd 100 IM; 3rd 50 fly; 4th 100 free; 4th 200 free; 4th 200 IM

Ben Stevenson        2nd 100 breast; 2nd 200 free; 2nd 200 IM; 4th 100 back

11-12 Girls:

Sydney Boals        2nd 50 breast; 5th 100 free; 5th 200 free; 5th 500 free; 6th 100 breast; 6th 100 IM

Kiara Crumbley        6th 200 IM; 6th 50 fly

Natalie Duperre        2nd 100 fly; 5th 50 fly

Emma Hogan        4th 200 IM; 7th 50 free; 7th 500 free

Olivia Hovorka        8th 100 fly

Livy Meeting        2nd 50 free; 3rd 50 fly; 7th 50 back; 10th 100 back; 10th 50 breast

Sydney Sena        9th 200 IM

Hannah Wagoner        10th 200 IM

Emma Yakam        8th 50 breast; 10th 500 free

Olivia Young        3rd 100 fly; 5th 200 IM

Julia Zaper        3rd 50 free; 5th 100 breast; 6th 50 back

11-12 Boys:

Alex Arlin            1st 50 fly, 3rd 100 fly, 3rd 50 free, 4th 100 IM, 8th 200 IM

Patrick Daly        2nd 100 fly; 4th 100 free; 5th 100 IM; 5th 200 free; 6th 50 free; 6th 500 free

Ben Goodman        10th 500 free

Jimmy Lapsley        3rd 100 free; 3rd 200 IM; 4th 100 fly; 5th 50 free; 5th 500 free; 6th 100 IM

Viktor Mertz        9th 50 breast

Tommy Morris        3rd 500 free

Luke Parsons        5th 100 fly; 8th 100 IM; 8th 500 free; 9th 50 back

Cy Richardson        4th 50 back; 7th 200 free; 7th 200 IM; 10th 100 free

Caleb Schimming        8th 200 free; 8th 50 back; 9th 200 IM; 9th 500 free

13-14 Girls:

Olivia Bergmann        1st 100 free; 1st 200 free; 1st 400 IM; 1st 50 free; 2nd 500 free

Maddy Brandon        4th 100 free; 6th 100 fly; 7th 50 free

Mian Brindisi        9th 200 back

Paige Gordon        8th 200 IM

Isabel Jenny        2nd 200 back; 5th 100 back; 9th 500 free; 10th 100 free

Jada Johnson        3rd 100 free; 3rd 200 free; 5th 200 back; 7th 100 fly; 7th 500 free; 9th 100 back

Samantha Kass        1st 200 breast; 1st 500 free; 2nd 400 IM

Jasmine Kelly        6th 400 IM; 9th 100 free; 10th 200 back; 10th 500 free

Midori Kisanuke        1st 200 fly; 4th 100 fly; 4th 200 IM; 7th 200 free; 8th 100 free

Maddy Kish        9th 200 IM

Olesya Mertz        7th 400 IM

Evie Samanich        1st 1650 free; 5th 500 free; 8th 100 back

Kelly Shur            2nd 100 free; 4th 400 IM; 4th 50 free; 5th 100 breast; 5th 100 fly; 5th 200 breast; 6th 500 free

Jane Taylor        2nd 200 free; 3rd 500 free; 5th 100 free; 10th 50 free

Abby Yakam        2nd 50 free; 3rd 100 fly; 5th 200 free

13-14 Boys:

Mike DeAscentis        1st 500 free; 2nd 200 free; 3rd 100 back; 3rd 100 free; 4th 100 breast; 5th 100 fly; 7th 50 free

George Economus    3rd 200 back; 4th 500 free; 10th 100 fly

Diarmuid Hutchinson    5th 200 back; 8th 100 back

Wyatt Ross        5th 100 breast; 6th 500 free; 7th 100 fly

Austin Wharton        2nd 500 free; 4th 400 IM; 5th 100 back; 6th 100 free; 6th 200 free; 10th 100 breast

Jack Woo            6th 200 back; 7th 200 breast

2015 SCY Senior Meet

Congratulations to all of our NAAC 2015 Sr Meet swimmers who competed at Miami University over the weekend of Friday March 6th through Sunday March 8th, 2015.  NAAC placed 4th overall as a team for this all-Ohio meet…!  We had six new team records established at the meet (Abby Stone 17-18 girls 100 free, 200 free, 100 Fly, 400IM - - Ally Wharton girls 15-16 200 breast - - Sarah Martin girls 13-14 200 Free) with a bunch of season and all-time best times over the course of the meet.  We also picked up 3 additional NCSA Jr National relay cuts and 6 additional individual NCSA Jr National cuts, and we now have 14 swimmers attending NCSA’s in a total of 51 swims!!  

We had 2 relays place in the top 3 at the meet:

The mixed Medley Relay finished in 2nd with the team of:

    Quinn Fike, Tyler Welty, Abby Stone and Nick Ward

The Girls 200 Medley Relay finished in 3rd with the team of:

    Quinn Fike, Ally Wharton, Abby Stone and Jessica Zaper


The following swimmers placed in the top 10 in their individual events at the Sr Meet, with top 3 finishes in bold.

Carson Barnes

2nd 50 back, 100 back 7th, 200 fly 7th 

Taylor Berend

100 breast 7th

Matthew Bernsdorf

100 breast 5th

Michael Ritchey

200 IM 9th

Grant Stahl

100 fly 6th, 200 IM 6th, 50 Fly 10th

Abby Stone

1st 100 free, 1st 200 free, 1st 100 fly, 2nd 400 IM, 2nd 100 Breast, 3rd 200 Back

Nick Ward

50 free 7th, 100 free 7th

Tyler Welty

2nd 200 Breast

Ally Wharton

3rd 200 Breast




ABBY STONE sets FIVE new records!

Girls 17-18 100 free, 200 free, 100 fly, 200 IM and 400 IM

Records set at OHSAA State Championships and the OSI Senior Meet


Nate Stadler sets two new records at the OHSAA Central District Meet

Boys 13-14 13-14 200 free and 500 free


New Record for Sarah Martin!

Girls 13-14 200 Free set at the OSI Senior Meet


Tyler Welty Swims to a New Breastroke Record

Boys 17-18 100 Breastroke set at the OHSAA Central District Meet



Ally Wharton Lowers the 200 Breastroke Record

Girls 15-16 200 Breastroke set at the OSI Senior Meet


Team Records  can be viewed at this link!




OHSAA High School State Swimming Championships 2015


2015 State HS Swim Championships NAAC result

NAAC was very well represented at this year’s OHSAA State Meet!  We fielded 15 NAAC swimmers between six different Central Ohio HS teams and participated in over 30 individual and relay swims throughout the meet.  All of our NAAC swimmers present competed in both prelim and finals sessions as well!!

Highlighting our Podium finishers in those respective events:

Senior Abby Stone again led the way with new NAAC Team Records in both of her individual events, finishing in 1st as the 2015 D2 Girls State Champ in the 100 backstroke & in 2nd as the State Runner-up in the 200IM.  

Abby Stone with her State Championship Medal for the 100 Backstroke

Abby joined NAAC Granville teammates Senior Paige Griesse and Freshman Sarah Martin on their 4th place 200 Medley Relay.

Granville 200 MR; Left to Right back row Sarah Martin, Paige Griesse

Front Row left Abby Stone


Tyler Welty

Senior Tyler Welty finished in 5th place and on the podium in the 100 Breaststroke for St. Charles, and helped the St Charles 200 Medley Relay to a 4th place podium finish as well. 

New NAAC swimmer Junior Nick Ward also helped his St Charles 200 Free Relay to a 5th place podium finish.


Junior Annie Moosavian was an integral part of the State Championship relays for CSG, leading off in both the 200 and 400 free relays to 1st place finishes.

All of our NAAC Top 16 State finishers are listed below, with podium finishers (Top 8) in BOLD.  Congrats to all on a job well done and we are looking forward to continued great performances by our HS-aged swimmers at both the Ohio Swimming Sr Meet Championships this coming weekend and at the NCSA Jr National Championships beginning March 17th!


2015 HS State Meet - NAAC Top 16


Girls D1


Dublin Jerome Quinn Fike 200 Medley Relay 15th  (back), 100 Back 14th


200 Medley Relay 16th New Albany

Grace Taylor (back)

Taylor Berend (breast)

Jessica Zaper (fly)

200 Free Relay- 8th New Albany

Jessica Zaper

Lauren Sadler

Taylor Berend


Ally Wharton Gahanna - 100 Breast 12th


Girls D2


200 Medley Relay

4th Granville Abby Stone (breast)

Sarah Martin (fly)

Paige Griesse (free)

Sarah Martin Granville - 200 Free 11th,  100 Fly 14th, 200 Medley Relay 4th 



Abby Stone Granville -  100 Back 1st, 200  IM 2nd, 200 Medley Relay 4th  



Annie Moosavian CSG -  100 Free 15th, 200 Free Relay 1st , 400 Free Relay 1st, 

200 Medley Relay 10th  (back prelims, breast finals)


Boys D1

Tyler Welty St Charles

200 Medley Relay- 4th St Charles  (breast), 100 Breast-5th 


Nick Ward - St Charles  50 Free 9th, 200 Free Relay 5th; 400 Free Relay 9th 


 Carson Barnes -  New Albany 100 Fly 16th


Michael Ritchey St. Charles, 400 Freestyle Relay 9th



Boys D2



Grant Stahl Granville 200IM 11th , 100 Fly13th  



NAAC State High School Meet Qualifiers 2015

Central District Swim Meet 2015:

15 swimmers in 38 events – Ten girls in 26 events and five boys in 12 events – from six different high schools made it to the state meet advancing through tournament competition. The following swimmers qualified for the OHSAA State Championships via automatic or at large qualifying swims. 


Carson Barnes  100 Fly

New Albany

Taylor Berend - 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay

New Albany

Quinn Fike - 100 Back, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay

Dublin Jerome

Paige Griesse - 100 Free, 200 Free, 200 Medley Relay


Sarah Martin -  100 Fly, 200 Free, 200 Medley Relay


Annie Moosavian - 100 Free, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay

Columbus School For Girls 



Michael Ritchey 400 Free Relay

St Charles

Lauren Sadler -  200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay

New Albany

Grant Stahl 100 Fly, 200IM, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay


Abby Stone -  100 Back, 200IM, 200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay


Grace Taylor 200 Medley Relay

New Albany

Nick Ward -  50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay

St Charles

Tyler Welty -  100 Breast, 200 Medley Relay

 St Charles



Ally Wharton - 100 Breast ,200IM


Jessica Zaper -  200 Medley Relay, 200 Free Relay

New Albany



OHSAA Central District Qualifers 2015

2015 NAAC  Central District Qualifier list – 29 swimmers from 10 area High Schools

Congratulations to our swimmers who advanced from Sectional Tournament competition to race in the OHSAA Central District Championship Meet at Ohio University!


Victor Alfonso            

Carson Barnes             

Taylor Berend             

Matthew Bernsdorf       

Emily Borchers           

Quinn Fike                    

Gage Ford                  

Paige Griesse          

Harrison Jenny         

Steven Kish                   

Lauren Lapsley

Abbie Linek

Sarah Martin

Annie Moosavian

Michael Ritchey

Murphy Rubcich

Nick Rushlow

Lauren Sadler

Carly Shockey

Nate Stadler

Libby Stadler

Grant Stahl

Abby Stone

Grace Taylor

Emili Toppari

Nick Ward 

Tyler Welty

Ally Wharton

Jessica Zaper


NAAC Kicker Classic Meet

2015 Kicker Classic

Sunday, February 15, 2015

NAAC hosted the Kicker Classic on Sunday, February 15th.  A great day of development and competition for our club was highlighted by the accomplishments listed below.   

Earning JO Qualifying times at the meet were:

Elyse Bergmann    200 IM

Sydney Boals         50 fly

Samantha Kass     200 free

Carly Meeting        100 IM

Ashlyn Morr           50 back

Evie Morris            50 free

Patrick Daly           100 breast

Luke Parsons        100 breast

Ben Stevenson      100 free; 50 back


6 & Under Girls:

Mila Saveski            1st 25 back; 2nd 25 free

Logan Snyder            1st 25 breast; 1st 25 free; 2nd 25 back


Top Finishers in this meet are as follows:

6 & Under Boys:

Cody Downs - 3rd 25 fly; 3rd 25 free; 3rd 50 free

Jackson Goodman - 4th 25 back; 4th 25 free; 4th 50 free


7-8 Girls:

Lila DeLong - 4th 25 back; 4th 25 fly; 4th 25 free

Kaitlin Emmerling - 5th 25 free

Olivia Sanabria - 2nd 100 free; 2nd 25 back; 2nd 50 free; 4th 100 IM 


7-8 Boys:

Justin Corey - 3rd 25 free; 5th 25 fly

Josh Emerman - 1st 25 fly; 5th 100 free; 5th 25 back

Owen Kunstmann - 2nd 100 free; 2nd 100 IM; 2nd 50 free


9-10 Girls:

Elyce Bergmann - 1st 200 IM; 2nd 100 free

Calie Demers - 2nd 50 breast

Carly Meeting - 1st 50 breast; 2nd 100 IM

Ashlyn Morr - 2nd 50 back

Evie Morris - 3rd 50 back; 3rd 50 free

Colin Rogers - 3rd 200 IM

Jillian Velto - 4th 50 back


9-10 Boys:

Makana Knettler        5th 50 free

Chris Rogers            2nd 100 IM; 4th 50 breast; 5th 100 free

Josh Smith            3rd 100 free

Ben Stevenson        1st 100 free; 1st 100 IM; 3rd 50 back


11-12 Girls:

Sydney Boals            1st 50 breast; 1st 50 fly

Natalie Duperre        1st 100 IM; 3rd 50 fly

Emma Hogan            3rd 100 back; 3rd 100 fly

Olivia Hovorka        4th 100 IM

Livy Meeting            1st 100 fly; 3rd 50 free

Ellie Moellering        3rd 100 free; 3rd 50 back; 4th 50 free

Ariana Sanabria        2nd 200 free

Sydney Sena            4th 200 IM; 4th 50 back

Hannah Wagoner        3rd 200 free

Jena Wagoner            4th 200 free

Emma Yakam            2nd 100 IM; 2nd 50 breast

Olivia Young            1st 200 IM; 5th 50 breast

Julia Zaper            1st 50 free; 2nd 50 fly


11-12 Boys:

Alex Arlin            1st 50 fly; 2nd 50 free

Patrick Daly            1st 50 free; 2nd 100 breast

Steffan Klein            4th 100 back; 5th 50 breast

Viktor Mertz            5th 50 back

Luke Parsons            1st 100 breast; 2nd 200 free; 3rd 50 back; 4th 50 free

Cy Richardson        1st 100 fly; 1st 100 free; 2nd 100 IM; 2nd 50 fly

Caleb Schimming        2nd 50 back; 3rd 50 fly; 4th 50 breast; 5th 50 free


13-14 Girls:

Olivia Bergmann        1st 50 free; 2nd 200 free

Mian Brindisi            1st 50 back; 1st 50 fly

Paige Gordon            4th 100 back; 4th 100 IM

Samantha Kass        1st 100 back; 1st 200 free

Jasmine Kelley        2nd 100 breast; 2nd 200 IM

Olesya Mertz            3rd 100 back

Kelly Shur            1st 50 breast; 3rd 200 free

Abby Yakam            2nd 50 free


13-14 Boys:

Nick Eberts            4th 50 back

Diarmuid Hutchinson    4th 100 back; 4th 200 IM; 5th 50 free

Dreyson Keels        3rd 50 fly

Austin Wharton        2nd 100 fly

Jack Woo            4th 100 fly; 4th 50 free; 5th 100 breast; 5th 100 free

Ethan Yudovich        1st 50 fly; 2nd 100 IM; 2nd 50 back; 3rd 100 free



2015 UA Triple Crown Meet

Saturday, January 10, 2015 and Sunday, January 11, 2015


NAAC traveled across town to Upper Arlington High School for the 2015 Triple Crown meet on Saturday, January 10th and Sunday, January 11th.  This meet’s unique format allows swimmers of different ability levels to compete and score points for their club in various tiers according to entry seed times.  

Earning JO Qualifying times at the meet were:

Marissa Downs in the 50 free

Mimi Economus in the 50 back

Carly Meeting in the 200 free

Ashlyn Morr in the 50 free

Tommy Morris in the 100 fly

Chris Rogers in the 50 free, 50 back and 50 fly

Joshua Smith in the 50 back

Congratulations to the following NAAC swimmers who finished in the Top 5 across all tiers:

8 & Under Girls:

Sydney Bering         4th 25 fly; 4th 50 free

Mia Gregory            4th 100 IM; 4th 25 free

Olivia Sanabria        1st 100 IM; 1st 25 breast; 1st 25 free; 2nd 25 back; 4th 25 fly; 5th 50 free

Natalie Velto            2nd 25 free

8 & Under Boys:

Justin Corey             2nd 25 back; 2nd 25 fly

Joshua Emerman     1st 25 free; 2nd 25 fly; 4th 100 IM

Caelan Knettler        1st 25 breast; 2nd 25 free; 5th 25 fly

Owen Kunstmann     2nd 100 IM; 2nd 25 back; 3rd 25 fly; 4th 25 free

Sean Le                    1st 25 breast; 1st 25 fly; 3rd 100 IM; 4th 25 back; 4th 25 free

9-10 Girls:

Calie Demers            3rd 100 IM; 4th 200 free; 4th 50 breast

Marissa Downs         5th 100 free; 5th 50 back

Olivia Hovorka          1st 200 free; 1st 50 breast; 2nd 100 free; 4th 50 fly

Carly Meeting           2nd 200 free

Ashlyn Morr              2nd 50 back

Evie Morris               1st 50 back

Claire Richardson     1st 50 free

Colin Rogers             3rd 50 fly

Hope Schimming       3rd 50 back

Jillian Velto                2nd 50 free; 4th 100 IM; 5th 100 free; 5th 50 breast

9-10 Boys:

Luke Aragon               1st 50 back

Will Le                         2nd 200 free; 3rd 50 fly

Isaac Myhal                 2nd 100 free; 3rd 50 breast

Chris Rogers               1st 50 breast; 4th 50 fly 

Connor Sauvey            4th 200 free

Joshua Smith               3rd 100 free; 3rd 50 free 

Ben Stevenson             2nd 50 breast; 5th 50 free

11-12 Girls:

Sydney Boals             2nd 100 breast; 2nd 100 IM

Emma Hogan             2nd 200 free; 5th 100 free    

Julia Zaper                 2nd 100 fly; 4th 100 IM  

11-12 Boys:

Patrick Daly               1st 100 breast; 1st 100 fly; 1st 100 IM; 2nd 100 free; 2nd 50 free

Viktor Mertz               5th 50 free

Tommy Morris           2nd 100 breast; 2nd 100 free; 3rd 200 free; 5th 100 fly; 5th 100 IM

Cristian Rubcich        3rd 100 free

Caleb Schimming      4th 100 IM; 5th 100 breast

13-14 Girls:

Jada Johnson            4th 200 free

Jasmine Kelley          2nd 100 fly; 5th 100 free

Evie Samanich          4th 200 free; 5th 50 free

Kelly Shur                  1st 50 free; 3rd 100 back

13-14 Boys:

Andrew Bernsdorf    1st 200 IM; 2nd 100 fly; 3rd 100 back; 3rd 100 free; 4th 100 breast; 4th 50 free

Dylan Ferencz          1st 200 IM; 5th 100 free; 5th 200 free

Austin Wharton         2nd 100 back; 5th 100 free; 5th 200 IM