Equipment Lists


2019-20 Equipment Lists


            Team competition suits should be purchased for all swimmers, and team caps are a good idea upfront (other than the one team cap each swimmer will receive).  Our Team Speedo Outfitter - Swimville USA - will be in the Cafe Lobby at our NEW Family/Parent Meeting Sun Sept 15 from 4 to 6pm for Team Suit Fittings and equipment purchases.  The Columbus Swimville store is loctaed at 837 Bethel Rd.  Team warm-ups and spirit wear will be available as we move through the season, and swim bags along with most of the list below and other items will all be available for purchase and/or order on Sun Sept 15.


Breaker & Ripple

            Fins & 2 pair goggles


Wave & Tsunami

            Fins & 2 pair goggles

            Swim Snorkel



            Mesh Deck Bag

            Swim Snorkel

            Small Hand Paddles

            Fins (we have some extras at the pool)

                      - Tempo Trainer – optional



            Mesh Deck Bag

            Hand Paddles (regular sized)

            Fins (Speedo Trialon or like)

            Tempo Trainer

            Swim Snorkel


Elite and Cyclone SWIM equipment  

            Mesh Deck Bag (any)

            Tempo Trainer (Finis)

            Snorkel (Speedo Bullet or similar)

            Short Fins (Arena Powerfin Pro or similar)

            Long Fins (Speedo Trialon or similar)

            *Pull Buoy (any)

            *Ankle Band (any, or Speedo Ankle Lock - padded)

            *Hand Paddles (Finis Agility or any medium-sized)

* = we have SOME of these at the pool as well – not always enough for everyone*


Elite and Cyclone DRYLAND equipment

            Small equipment bag (any)

            Training Mask, O2 Trainer or any Double Mouth Guard (choose one)

            Crossfit and/or Gymnastics hand grips (any)

            Small ½ in. or ¾ in. training band (any)

            Cuff weights – any, and Theraband is good

                        Guys 3 to 5lbs total (1.5 to 2.5lbs per weight)

                        Girls 2 to 3 lbs total (1.0 to 1.5lbs per weight)

            *Jump Rope

            Pulse/Ox monitor for home - RHR recording in Training Journals

* = we have some jump ropes in the weight room, but swimmers may want their own.