Our Philosophy


NAAC Base Training Philosophy



Learn          Have Fun            Compete



Head Coach John Coffman’s Training Philosophy



General Training Philosophy


            A. Sport practice/sport training is the main thing.  Everything else is secondary to                  the sport training - strength, conditioning, nutrition, rest – everything.


            B. Training intensity is directly proportional to competitive results. 


            C. Train as hard as possible, as often as possible, while staying as “fresh” as possible.


Swim Training Philosophy


            A. Swimming technique, or skill, is the primary training factor; all other qualities are                        secondary and should still be optimized.


            B. Quality of distances covered at high velocities will determine training effectiveness.

                      This includes all competitive strokes as well as kicking.


            C. Low volumes of high quality efforts are superior to high volumes of low quality                           efforts most often.               


Strength & Conditioning Philosophy


            A. S&C work should compliment your sport, and should be at or near peak levels when                  heading into critical competitions.


            B. Maximal strength is foundational to all other strength qualities.

     Strive to exploit: F=m x a


C. Varied Conditioning means which cause the greatest adaptation(s) with the least disturbance to sport, with core conditioning and body-weight mastery emphasized. 

     Strive to exploit:  P=w/t


  S & C mastery allows the full expression of sport skills as well as increased durability.


The 10 Principles of Athletic Success


                1. Have a Purpose

                2. Follow a Plan

                3. Give Effort

                4. Be Consistent

                5. Display Adaptability

                6. Be Prepared

                7. Competitive Cooperation

                8. Control Your Attitude and Atmosphere

                9. Be a Leader and a Follower

              10. No Limits

“The Big 3”

        Team:                     Learn              Have Fun       Compete

        Swimmer:               Training           Eating             Sleeping


Regeneration Made Simple



                Convenience Leads to Success (CLS)

                Establish a Weekly Ritual

                Eating right is simple, not easy…  Remember “3 of 5”


1. Drink water most often

             A Green Shake is good once a day also

2. Eat colorful vegetables (1st) and fruits (2nd)

               Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, …

3. Eat a protein at each meal

                Eggs, Meat, Fish/Seafood, Dairy, others…

4. Eat healthy fats daily

                Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Nuts/Seeds, Butter, Cream, …

5. Additional carbs are “Activity-dependent”                  

              Workout Windows: Eating for practice & meets

                                      Before         Balanced Carbs, Protein and Fat 2 hrs prior

                                      During         Hydration (plus carbs over 1-2 hours)

                                      After           Carbs and Protein, liquid if possible

                                       What works for practice will work for meets.




1. Total Time: 8+ hours/night, 60+ hours/week

             Naps as extra sleep are great

2. Make it dark

             No phone, ipod, computer, TV or nightlights

3. Keep it quiet (-ish)

             No phone, ipod, computer, or TV – maybe “white noise”

4. Consistency: bed time/wake time/naps

             Sleep cycles and hormone release

5. Establish a Nightly Routine

             30 Minutes or so prior to sleep…

                                       Reduce intense visual stimulation

                                       Helpful Habits – ready for next day (school, lunch, swimming)

                                       Healthy Habits – brush teeth, wash hands and face, water by bed

                                       Extra Help… Hot Chocolate?  Epsom salt bath? 

                                      Use What Works!