Dryland Protocols


NAAC Dryland Protocols


Mobility Circuit

1:00 per exercise or 15 min +/- total

Repeat any movements that are tight


  Forward Kicks

  Backward Kicks

  Downward Dog

  Swan Pose

  Push-ups to T

  Hip Flexor Stretch

  Wide Mountains

  V-Sit to Plow

  Lunging Arm Swings

  Big Arm Circles

  Wrist on Hip


Hip Mobility Protocol

20 reps or 1:00 per – 10 min/rd


  OH Squats

  Slide Squats

  Step-back, Reach Back Lunge

  Forward Lunge

  Side Lunge

  Wide Mountains

  V-Sit / Plow

  Zips 1

  Sit-up Get-up w/reach


Shoulder Mobility Protocol

20 reps or 1:00 per – 10 min/rd

All movements slow & controlled

  Band Back & Forth

  Bar Hang w/Rotation

  Scarecrow Rolls

  Wrist on Hip

  Bar Scap Up

  Scap Push-Up

  Plank Scap-Up

  Band Pull Apart Series (8)

  Cuban Press (light weight)

  Farmers Carry or Weighted DB Rotations (moderate weight)


Deck-Based Warm-Up

3 rounds minimum as follow

Round 2 adds push-ups

Round 3 adds jumps

  15 Zips @ moderate pace

  10 Zips 1 @ medium pace

   5 Zip-Ups 1 @ fast pace