2018-19 Season

NAAC 2018-19 Season & Championship Highlights


General Info

All Age Groups

  • About twice the average club size both Nationally and in our LSC at 250 +/- (up from 230)
  • Average gender split is 60% girls and 40% boys +/-
  • Average AG split for Team total is 62% 12 and under, 38% 13 and over +/-
  • Average retention rate of 75%+, trending at or above National and LSC club rates and climbing slow & steady for NAAC for the past 5 years
  • Average rate of improvement across strokes is up from 5-6.5% last year to 6.75-8% this year, which is again above National and LSC club trends
  • Breakdown of NAAC swimmers at given time standards (AA, A, B, etc) are comparable to National and LSC Club averages

12 and under

  • Total numbers are slightly up at 160 vs 131 last year, with 3 year average at 139
  • Average retention rate is 73%, highest in last 5 years, and third year in a row above National and LSC club rates and trends
  • Average rate of improvement across strokes is 10-11%, at or above National and LSC club averages
  • Majority of swimmers are at BB, B or slower than B National Averages (65% +/-)

13 and over

  • Average retention rate is 85%, about our Team average for the past 5 years, which is above National and LSC club rates and trends
  • Average rate of improvement across strokes is 3% +/-, at or above National and LSC club averages
  • Majority of swimmers are at AAA, AA, A or BB National Averages (70% +/-)
  • Time Standard achievement trends are highest on record for NAAC

Specific Info

  • 33 new SCY Team Records (26 in 2019).  25 Individual & 8 Relay records.
  • 32 new LCM Team Records from Summer 2019.  26 Individual & 6 Relay records.
  • 142 Total IMX and IMReady scoring swimmers with 57% of the team completing
    • 31 IMX scores at 12% of the team
    • 112 IMReady scores at 45% of the team
    • All IMX & IMR % above are well beyond National and LSC avergages



  • Andrew Bernsdorf                                                      200IM and 500 Free
  • Lexi Elkovitch                                                             100 Free & NAHS Relays
  • Mitchell List, Olivia Hovorka, Stacy Saribalas             HS All-American Relay participants


2018-19 SCY Championship Highlights

2018 Senior SCY Championship (Nov 2018)

  • 4th overall Team Place (again) of 25 competing teams
  • 30 Top 10 finishes

2019 State HS Championship (Feb 2019)

  • 15 total swimmers representing NAAC
  • 5 new Team Records
  • 3 top 8 individual swimmers
  • 6 top 8 relay swims with one State Champion relay (2 NAAC swimmers)
  • All 15 NAAC State HS meet qualifiers earned All-Ohio honors with at least one Top 16 finish

2019 Barbara Kay Mini Meet 8 and Under Champs (Mar 2019)

  • 3rd Overall Team Finish, Boys 2nd and Girls 6th
  • 29 total NAAC Top 6 Finishes!
  • Hi Point award for 7 & under boys – Owen Goettel

2019 NCSA Spring Jr. Nationals (Mar 2019)

  • 14 competitors this year (11 last year)
  • 8 Girls – Kaila Aaron, Lexi Elkovitch, Kendall Hitler, Lauren Klinefelter, Carly Meeting, Reagan Reetz, Kelly Shur, Kiah Smith
  • 6 Boys – Andrew Bernsdorf, Patrick Daly, Tommy Morris, Mitchell List, Jimmy Lapsley, Chase Bateman
  • 14 competitors, with 10 individuals qualifying with 52 splashes and all 10 relays qualified to equal 62 splashes, finals qualifiers not included
  • Top 40 and qualifying for finals were both Andrew Bernsdorf (100IM, 500 Fr, 400IM, 200IM) and Mitchell List (200 breast & 50 Breast). 
  • 7 new Team records - Andrew B in 100IM, 400IM & 500 Free, Mitchell L in 50 & 200 Breast, Kiah S in 50 Back, Jimmy L in 50 Back.

2019 Ohio JO SCY Championship (Mar 2019)

NAAC had a great showing at the Ohio JO Championship Meet this year, finishing 7th overall of 39 scoring teams with 1187.5 points, with our NAAC Girls in 4th with 670.5 points and our NAAC boys in 7th with 517 points and a total of 48 NAAC swimmers qualifying to participate (38 ind + re, 10 re only)!

  • 78% best times for NAAC swimmers
  • JO Champs Girls 13-14 200 Free Relay
  • 24 Top 5 Ind. Finishes, 7 Top 5 Relay Finishes
  • 58 total Top 10 Finishes (45 Ind, 13 Relay)
  • 18 New Team Records at JO’s this year!


Summer 2019 LCM Championship Highlights

  • Total New LMC NAAC Team Records for 2018 – 32
  • New Individual Team Records – 26
  • New Relay Team Records - 6


The 2019 Central Regional Champiponships @ OU took place July 5-7.  The Regional Meet was hot on deck, but NAAC was speedy in the water.  NAAC finished the meet in 4th place of 16 teams overall with 1582 points, with both our girls (691 points) and our boys (891 points) finishing in 3rd place each, respectively.  7 events wins and 1 new team record at the Regional meet this summer!


The 2019 LCM Senior Championship Meet @ Denison took place July 11-14.  We had many, many very good swims and a lot of best times, with not much rest and no real “peak” for our Sr. swimmers over the summer – simply a couple of days with less volume, suited and shaved for most.  NAAC finished Sr. Meet in 4th place of 30+ teams overall with 912 points, our Girls in 4th with 437 and our Boys in 5th with 435, respectively. 


The 2019 LC JO Championship @ Miami U took place July 18-21.  NAAC had a fast, fun JO’s this summer with a 6th place overall finish this summer scoring 1149 points, our Girls finishing in 6th with 557 points and our Boys finishing in 7th with 592 points, respectively. We erned 58 Top 10 JO Finishes between individual and relay events, with 6 Individual Championship winning swims and 3 Relay Championship winning swims.  We had 15 New Individual Team Records set at JO’s, along with 5 New Relay Team Records.


The 2019 LCM Sectional Championship @ Cleveland State took place July 18-21.  The 2019 Sectional Meet was an optional meet for our NAAC Sr qualifiers and we finished tied for 36th place out of 60 teams with 32 points.  We swam no relays since this was an optional meet, and all points were scored by Mitchell List in the 200 Breast (9th) and 50 Breast (5th), both swims new Team Records, and also finaling in the 100 Breast.  Congrats also go out to our other Sectional Finalist, Olivia Hovorka (100 Fly), with a new Team Record there as well.


The 2019 LCM Central Zone Meet @ Pleasant Prairie, WI took place Aug 1-4.   Competing with Team Ohio – NAAC had 6 competitors (Luke Axline, Mia Gregory, Connor Pirkle, Caden Russell, Logan Snyder & Max White) participating in the Central Zone Meet this year, with Luke Axline leading the way with Top 5 finishes and new 11-12 boys team records in the 200 free and 400IM.


The 2019 USA LCM Jr. Nationals @ Stanford, CA took place August 5-10.  Mitchell List was the NAAC representative at outdoor Jr’s this summer, setting new 15-16 boys team records in both the 100 & 200 Breast, and earning his 1st USA Sr. National qualifying time in the 200 Breast @ 2:22.04.