Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA Masters Swimming

Mission: To promote achievement, supportive relationships and a sense of belonging in order to nurture the full potential of every adult and child.

REGISTER FOR PCY MASTERS by going to the Home page and clicking on Join the Tigersharks. Scroll down to the Masters prompt. Remember to complete BOTH the online information portion and the printed Payment Authorization Form.

Practice Schedule: 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:00-7:00 am
Saturday: 7:00-8:30 am
Open Masters Workouts are open to any Masters swimmers. They are coach-led and usually include an opportunity to practice off the starting blocks. We conclude these practices by socializing over bagels and coffee.
Upcoming Open Masters Workouts:
August 25 @ Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA
Participation in Masters Swim Meets is both fun and challenging. It is also entirely optional. For more information on upcoming meets, click the links below.

National YMCA Masters Meet Results - April 19-22, 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic - Oct. 12-14, 2018 in Orlando, FL

PCY Fall Kickoff Masters Meet - Oct. 28, 2018 @PCY


Open Water Training:
Open Water Training (technique & strategy) Clinics (1 hour each) are being offered by CJ Rushman (M.E. Lyons YMCA). Meet at 7:45 am on the beach and start at 8:00 am each of these days.

August 18 @ M.E. Lyons YMCA *(Note this is a change)

September 8 @ East Fork
Open Water Competitions:
Fidler's Pond 3rd Tri & Mile Swim (1 mi) - August 18, 2018
Zoom Hueston Woods in Oxford, OH (3/5 mi) - August 26, 2018
Zoom Alum Creek State Park in Delaware, OH (3/5 km) - September 16, 2018
United States Masters Swimming is an adult aquatic fitness program that helps individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. While competitions are available, USMS also serves those who swim for fitness or just for fun.
Registration with USMS is quick, easy, online and moderately priced. For $40 each year, you will gain access to the latest information, teaching, workouts and competitions for adult swimmers. You will receive a bi-monthly magazine, SWIMMER, a monthly e-newsletter, an opportunity to build your own blog, photo album and fitness tracker. You may choose to participate in opportunities such as the 1-Hour Swim, the Postal Distance Swim, weekend swim clinics plus local, regional and national USMS swim meets. The USMS website also helps you find local clubs and pools when you travel and weekly workouts online.

To register, click on either of these sites:

USMS (U.S. Masters Swimming)

Ohio LMSC (Ohio Local Masters Swim Committee)

Our team name is PCY