Swimmer Equipment List

Swimmer’s Training Equipment List

smileyAll swimmers need a appropriate competitive swim suit to train.

Team swim suit is not required for swim meets. Athlete should be wearing an appropriate competitive swim suit at our swim meets.

laughOur SPY Swimmers will receive just one SPY TEAM latex Swim Cap to be worn at our Meets as a gift from proceeds raised at our Golf Outing. You may order additional caps from Swimville.  These caps will be passed out by coaches in a few weeks. Swimmers will also receive a SPY Championship Cap when participating in our Championship Meets

SPY TEAM SWIM SUIT is optional. Not required. Swimmer only needs an appropriate competitive swim suit for swim meets.

You may purchase any swim items from other swim stores and/or websites if it is more convenient for you.

enlightenedPLEASE BE SURE ATHLETE's NAME is on ALL of their Equipment, Bags, and SWIM SUITS.



  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle for hydration
  • Kickboard (optional)
  • Fins- flexible rubber design (optional)
  • Mesh Bag for Equipment (optional)

Development: Our team does have a supply of the equipment which may be borrowed during practice

  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle for hydration: REQUIRED
  • Kickboard (optional)
  • Fins- flexible rubber design (optional)
  • Pull buoy (optional)
  • Mesh Bag for Equipment (optional)

Advanced & Presenior Groups 

  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle for hydration: REQUIRED
  • Kickboard (supply available at Y to borrow during practice)
  • Fins- flexible rubber design
  • Pull Buoy(supply available at Y to borrow during practice)
  • Hand Paddles (optional for Advanced; highly recommended for Presenior)
  • Snorkel- youth size; lightweight (optional for Advanced; highly recommended for Presenior)
  • Mesh Bag for Equipment

Senior, PreNational, National Groups (Mandatory since we train at Witt U which has no equipment available for our entire team)

  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle for hydration: REQUIRED
  • Kickboard (supply available at Y to borrow during Y practice)
  • Fins- flexible rubber design REQUIRED
  • Pull Buoy (supply available at Y to borrow during Y practice)
  • Hand Paddles REQUIRED/(supply available at Y to borrow during  Y practice)
  • Snorkel- light weight (highly recommended)
  • Tempo-Trainer (optional)
  • Mesh Bag for Equipment

: Some kind of a bag is needed to keep everything together. Bags should be carried out on deck during practice for security, not left in the locker room. There are very nice swim gear bags available, with separate compartments for dry items and wet gear. Bags with mesh panels will let air in and help things dry out between practices. 

  • Mesh bag for training equipment

Water Bottles
: An essential piece of training that is sometimes overlooked is the water bottle. Remember that practices can last 45 minutes to 2 hours, and with that much physical exertion a swimmer can become very thirsty. Even though they are surrounded by water, they need clean drinking water to remain healthy and happy. Having a water bottle at the poolside permits our athletes to stay hydrated

Swim Cap: Keep long hair out of your face, and that’s one less thing that can get in your way of taking a breath! Plus caps help reduce drag, making your strokes more efficient. A latex team cap is provided free to each swimmer when they join the team. Some swimmers don’t like the snug feel of latex, and find silicone caps easier to pull on and off, so you may purchase a silicone team cap from the team apparel person.For practice, use any cap you like. The team cap should always be worn for solidarity at swim meets.

:Kickboards are needed for practices from the very beginning. There is a stash on our YMCA’s pool deck to borrow, but not at Wittenberg University. Most swimmers appreciate having their own unique kickboard. Remember that kickboards are really just flat floats; so spending a lot of money for a high-tech design may not be worth it. There are arm-fitting wedge shaped boards or standard rounded shapes. Both work well

Pull buoys
:Pull buoys increase the upper body workout by lifting the lower body and driving the head and shoulders down.  There are several different sizes to fit children or adults. Smooth buoys may be preferred over rough buoys for comfort but they are harder to hold onto with the thighs. Have your swimmer try out different types during practice before deciding which one to buy. We do have a stash of pull buoys that may be used if training at our Y

Hand Paddles:Hand paddles increase water resistance on the hands and increase arm strength. There are many sizes, so follow your coach’s recommendation on which size to buy. Using too large a paddle can cause shoulder injuries. Keep the straps loose; so swimmer quickly discovers where pull technique is incorrect, because the paddle will pop right off the hand.

:Some of our swimmers are beginning to use a front snorkel. This piece of equipment is to assist the swimmer to learn good body balance in the water without having to raise the head to breath. The junior size is for swimmers preseniors and advanced groups, and takes into account the swimmer’s lung capacity.

Tempo-trainer: Swimming speed is closely related to the turnover rate of your arms, and a tempo-trainer can help you find a cadence that maximizes your speed.