Basic Question & Answers

Basic Questions and Answers

smileyDo I have to tryout?

We hold swimmer evaluations with a SPY Coach to help us place swimmers into appropriate training groups. Then, your swimmer is permitted one week to try our program out at practices in September to see if SPY fits into your child's focus and life schedule. Our hope is that your family will come to an appropriate decision if SPY is a good fit in your child's life at this time. We have new swimmers joining at all age levels. You may contact Head Coach John Bishop at 937 323-3781 at our Springfield Family Y to set up an appointment for swim evaluation and find out more about SPYNATION.

yesDo I have to be a good swimmer to join the team?

All you need to be able to do is swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.  (This is the length of most pools)

How do I register for Swim Team?

In order to register for our Springfield Family Y Competitive Youth Swim Program aka SPY Swim Team, you will need to come to our Y's Welcome Center Desk. Your swimmer will need to be a Springfield Family Y Member, so our Y staff will assist you in possible membership options and payment plans. You will also need to register for our SPY SWIM TEAM Program just like any other Y program. Our Y Staff will provide you with needed forms to be completed and payment options available. Coaches have assigned your swimmer to particular training group so you will know cost per swimmer. The Master List of swimmer's training groups is available at our Welcome Center Desk or ask Head Coach John Bishop.

How do I register on SWIMSPY.COM website?

In order to register your son or daughter to the team, either simply click on "Start Registration" tab below "Sign IN " tab on left site of homepage or "2018-19 SPY's Website Registration" tab with neon green swimmer icon on right side on the homepage of this website. Then, follow the instructions for either Returning Members or New Members.

What if your swimmer is involved in other sports?

Most of our swimmers participate in other activities, too.  Our practices are usually offered five to six days a week to allow for more opportunities to participate. High School athletes who are involved in a Fall Sport might not begin their full practice schedule until the conclusion of the Fall Season. We appreciate communication about activities that may keep your swimmer from training.

Are meets held every weekend?

No, and it is up to you how many meets you enter based on your schedule. Our SPY Invitational is the required participation for all swimmers and our swimmer’s families mandatory meet work commitment.

What should I bring to a swim meet?

A swim meet provides a lot of "down" time for swimmers to relax with their teammates. Healthy snacks, drinks, cards or other small games are great tools for passing time. Flannel pants or sweatshirts are also helpful to keep the athlete warm. If we have a team area in a gym, a sleeping bag or blanket that can lie on the floor is great. Parents might want to bring portable chairs if we are sitting in a gym. We do not recommend that you bring expensive electronic games or music devices, as they might get lost.

Why do people write on their hands?

Younger athletes who are learning how to navigate a swim meet can keep track of their events by writing them on their hand. Include Event Type, Event Number, Heat and Lane. Older swimmers tend to follow the heat sheets that are posted around the pool deck.

What is the difference between Short Course (SC) and Long Course (LC)? 

The easy answer is short course takes place in a 25 yard or meter pool whereas long course takes place in a 50 meter pool. Short Course is normally noted as SCY for Short Course Yards or SCM for Short Course Meters. Long Course is typically noted as LCM for Long Course Meters. Short Course season normally runs from September through March (April for National Swimmers). Long Course usually begins at the end of April and lasts through mid-July.