Program Description
​Learning to swim through safety, fitness and fun!
Program Description
The Fundamentals:
At UA Swim America we teach much more than just how to swim. We emphasize the proper techniques of swimming, giving special attention to correct breathing, body position, and good swimming strokes. Our program teaches all four competitive strokes and the starts and turns. It is excellent preparation for swimmers who would like to join the swim team; but, it teaches much more. Proficiency leads to ACHIEVEMENT, SELF-ESTEEM and the enjoyment of life. Swim America teaches the skills necessary for a lifetime of SAFETY, FUN and FITNESS on the water!.
Swim America's 10 Station program:
At UA Swim America we use a training program that was developed by expert Swim Coaches. It has been tested and refined over the years. We honestly believe it is the finest way to teach children to swim.
Station I, II, III:
In these stations, the children learn proper breathing, floating on front and back, kicking on front and back, and rolling over from front to back, without support.
Station IV:
In this station, children learn the basic freestyle without breathing to the side and the side-glide kick. They already float and kick on the front and the back without support.
Station V:
In this station, students learn the freestyle breathing to the side and the basic backstroke. To start in this station, the children must be capable of swimming proper freestyle without breathing, and side-glide kick.
Station VI:
In this station, students build their endurance until they are able to swim 50 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke. They will also learn to tread water. To enter this station the children must have a clean freestyle, with bilateral breathing to the side, and proper backstroke.
Station VII:
This station teaches the breaststroke. To start in this station, the children must have mastered the freestyle with bilateral breathing, and the backstroke.
Station VIII:
This station teaches the butterfly. To start in this station, the children must have mastered the freestyle with bilateral breathing, the backstroke, and the breaststroke.
Station IX and X -Pre-Team:
To start in these stations, the children must have mastered the freestyle with bilateral breathing, the backstroke, the breaststroke, and the butterfly. These stations prepare the children for the swim team. The children further improve their endurance until they can swim 300 yards freestyle in proper stroke technique. They also learn turns and perfect their stroke technique in all 4 strokes. Children will also learn the basic drills that are used on the Upper Arlington Swim Team.