​Learning to swim through safety, fitness and fun!


  1. Why Swim America?
    • Swim America is Quality! Swim America teaches children to swim - we don't just teach lessons. Swim America puts Safety First! Swim America lessons are designed to teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime.
  2. What is your cost?
    • The cost of the UA Swim America Program depends on the program you choose. The fees for each session are determined by the number of lessons being offered with that session. Those registering for the UA Water Bear program in the fall will receive a 10-20% discount.
  3. What age can my child take lessons?
    • We encourage children to start lessons at 3 years of age as long as they are potty trained. 
  4. How long are the lesson?
    • Lessons are typically 30 minutes in length.
  5. When and how will my child advance to the next level of the program?
    • Swim America is a 10 Station Program. When your child masters the skills of a station they will immediately advance onto the next station. Progression is individualized and does not depend on the rest of the group.
  6. Why did the Upper Arlington Swim Club choose Swim America?
    • Swim America is a more structures program that allows for more individualized attention for young children. The program also allows children to progress at their own pace! This ensures that we will meet the needs of every individual!
  7. What if my child misses a lesson? Are there make-ups?
    • No, due to the limited pool time available to the Swim America program and the need to staff all sessions based on registration #’s make-ups are not possible. 
  8. What do we need to bring to class?
    • Please have your child come to class already wearing their swim suit. Swim suits should be snug fitting and quick drying. We encourage students to wear Speedo-type training suits, which are designed to shed water and make swimming easier. Many “fashion suits” for girls or baggy shorts for boys retain water, and actually feel very heavy in the water, making it harder to learn. We encourage caps for children with long hair and goggles to help protect their eyes from the chlorine. You will also need to bring a towel so that your child can dry-off immediately after swim class.
  9. How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?
    • This depends on several things, such as your child’s age, pool experience, comfort level in the water, listening skills, enthusiasm and level of fitness. It may take upward to an entire season 30 for a pre-school child to learn the basic skills of floating, kicking, returning to the wall and rolling over on their back to get a breath. Everyone learns at a different rate, and children will progress through the program at their own speed.