Swim Officials


Our club is in need of at least 10 parent volunteers who are willing to become a USA Swimming Official.


Historically, UASC has been a dominant force in central Ohio age group swimming. Over the last few years, a number of our swim club officials have had children "age out" of age group swimming as well as high school athletics.

Our club relies on our ability to run a minimum of three swim meets per year and cannot always depend upon the generosity of other local clubs.  Currently UASC has several club officials (Tom Trace, Joe Ray, Jonathon McGee, Tony Contakis, Lisa Reisz, Brian Campbell, Greg Moss) with age group swimmers. 

This is a great way to support your child/children and give back to the sport. To help entice you, the club has set up an incentive program which will help your reduce your overall swimming expenses once you have complete the minimum requirements.


Effective annually, the following list of incentives may be offered to UASC members who, as approved by theUASC Board of Directors and UASC Officials’ Representative, commit and fully execute the duties of USA Swimming Official (all types, non-apprentice).

These incentives are effective for the Long Course / Short Course seasons, and available April 1 – March 31 (or commencing for 12 months beyond apprenticeship) and are in addition to all Club-paid fees and dues necessary to be recognized as an approved USA Swimming Official (all types). Incentives are effective immediately, but will be billed retroactively upon failure to fulfill the commitment.

The positions covered under the below incentives include: USA SWIMMING OFFICIAL (all types, non-apprentice) who work a minimum of eight (8) sessions at a UA-hosted home meet between October and March

• Waives the annual UASC registration fee (currently $150)
• Waives swimmer event entry fees for all UA-hosted meets (Golden Bear Invitational, Triple Crown, UA-hosted Regionals. Max entry fees expense per swimmer $118)
• Waives the posted work requirements for all UA-hosted home meets

USA SWIMMING OFFICIAL (all types*, non-apprentice) who work an additional four (4) sessions (12 total with 8 minimum at UA-hosted meets) receive additional incentives below:

• Waives swimmer event entry fees for all non-UA hosted meets


Please click on this link to learn more about this program.  If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Tom Trace or Tony Contakis.