How to Join

Welcome New/Potential Parents and Swimmers!

To download the registration forms from the the link below.  

Registration Packet



Long Course

May 2018-July 2018

Short Course

Oct 2018-Feb. 2019


Annual Payment

May 2018-February 2019

Bearcubs $460 $700 $1150 (optional)
Bears $600 $860 $1450 (optional)
Brown Bears $670 $1020 $1680 (optional)
Black Bears   $1040 (for Brown Bears moving up in the fall only) $1950 (required)
Golden Bears   N/A $1430
Graduating Seniors $1000    
Alumni $240    


If you have any questions please email the UASC registrar, Erin Reetz.

We hope you enjoy UASC.  If you have a comment or an idea that you would like to share with the club, please contact the UASC Communications Chair.

We have put together a New Parent Orientation document for your review.  
This document also contains some very useful information about "How to Prepare for Your First Swim Meet".