Dryland Partner

USA is outsourcing our Strength and Conditioning Dryland program to experts in their field - The Spot Athletics (6740 Holt Rd).  Swimmers placed in the Senior Select and U groups will be asked to maintain a training regimen out of the water.  The Spot, under the direction of JL Holdsworth, will offer a training program to compliment the USA swim practice schedules for these groups.

Please reach out to Coach Chris Hadden with any questions about the program.

About the Spot

The mission of The Spot Athletics is to impact and inspire as many lives as possible. We do this by creating a high energy environment focused on building lifelong relationships through world class coaching.

Our facility is 100% private, meaning we do not allow any open gym memberships and everyone in our facility is working with a coach at some level. We specialize in training with a purpose for all ages and ability levels. Whether that is a youth or pro athlete or our adult clients looking to feel and look better, all of our training is designed to maximize the results our clients desire.

The Spot Athletics was founded by World Champion Powerlifter, published author and world renowned strength coach, JL Holdsworth, in June 2010. Since then, The Spot Athletics has become an internationally recognized leader in the sports performance industry. Our methods are highly sought after and nothing showcases this more than our regular consulting with NFL, MLB, MLL, NHL and NCAA programs.

The Spot Philosophy

As a family-run, private training facility, we value the relationships we build and experiences we provide above all else. We want our athletes to learn to love the process of training, so when sports come to an end, they have engrained lifelong habits that will keep them healthy and happy into old age. This philosophy is part of our long term approach to training that includes not simply training athletes, but teaching them how to train properly.

We believe that the weight room is one of the only places left where you can ensure that athletes get a win everyday. Whether it is learning a new skill, cheering on a team mate or setting a personal record, the weight room provides an environment for growth everyday. This growth as a person and the lessons that are learned in the weight room, are lessons that will help young athletes be successful in anything they try in life. We know that not many of our clients will become professional athletes but they all must become professional human beings.

The Spot Dublin Facility

Centrally located at 6740 Holt Rd, our Dublin facility is easy to access from Hilliard, Dublin, Worthington and Powell. We have a 20,000sq. ft. training facility, by far the largest private facility in Dublin. Our space allows a 50 yard turf field and copious amounts of training equipment to train team sports. Here is a video tour of the facility:

What others say about JL and The Spot Athletics:

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