Practice groups

KMSC offers several practice groups with professional swimming instruction to all levels of swimmers. New swimmers will meet for an evaluation which will determine each swimmer's placement. (For more details on evaluations, please visit our FAQ page.)

Success in the sport of swimming is measured differently for each swimmer. While one athlete may see progress quickly, others will see slower progress over a longer period of time. This is normal and has more to do with the physical and emotional maturity of each swimmer. Therefore, current KMSC swimmers may progress through each level at their own pace. Once swimmers have moved beyond the Mini Marlin and Prep level, swimmers may complete test sets during scheduled evaluations to see if they are ready for the next practice group. Evaluations are held on an almost monthly basis and are announced via email or the events calendar.


Pre Prep  (ages 4-12)

This bridge program is designed for children who are interested in improving their swimming skills with a recreational program. Swimmers receive professional instruction two days per week. Families sign up on a monthly basis, so you can continue as it suits your schedule without a long commitment. Class sizes are limited to 6 children. Youth in this group are learning the four competitive strokes -- freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly -- through a variety of drills, in and out of the water. Emphasis is on building a strong foundation for each child's technique. Swimmers are not required to compete in meets, though they may choose to do so when they are ready.

PREP  (ages 6-12)

The Prep  group, part of the KMSC Bridge Program, offers children ages 6-12 the opportunity to improve their swimming skills in a recreational program. Practices are offered two days per week, and families sign up on a monthly basis. Class sizes are limited to 6 swimmers. Swimmers work on drills and fun activities to build a strong foundation for each of the four competitive strokes. Swimmers are not required to compete in meets, though they may choose to do so when they are ready.


The HS Stay-in-Shape program is an excellent program for middle- and high-school swimmers who want to stay in swimming shape during the off-season or who do not want to make the commitment to club-level swimming. Practices are offered two days per week, and swimmers sign up on a monthly basis giving you the flexibility to work around other extracurricular and family activities. Swimmers receive professional instruction with emphasis on improving and maintaining good technique in all four strokes, turns, and dives. Swimmers are not required to compete in meets, though they may choose to.



Onyx is a continuation of the KMSC Bridge Program into competitive swimming. Swimmers move out of Mini Marlin and Prep when they have begun to master the basic skills of all four competitive strokes and are ready to transition to competitive swimming. Beyond continued stroke instruction, swimmers will also be introduced to flip turns, breaststroke pullouts, and will continue mastering diving skills. Practices are offered four days per week, and swimmers are encouraged to gain swim meet experience.


This group aims to further transition swimmers into the competitive stage of swimming. Training continues to focus on technique, which is a priority for all young swimmers and creates the best foundation for success. However, endurance training is introduced to help swimmers prepare for events at swim meets. One-hour practices are offered five days per week, and participation in meets is encouraged.


Athletes in this level represent age-group swimmers who demonstrate a desire to train for competitive meets, attend practices regularly, and exhibit positive practice habits. Practices, which run 75 minutes, are offered five days per week, and participation in meets is strongly encouraged.


Swimmers at this level are making the transition from age-group swimming to senior-level swimming. These athletes have already demonstrated a commitment to practices and are expected to attend often as they prepare for competitions throughout the short-course and long-course seasons. These athletes have high performance goals and are focusing on their transition to the senior team. Practices, which range from 90 minutes (weekdays) to two hours (Saturdays), are offered six days per week.


Athletes at the Senior level have attained a higher level in swimming that requires intense training and a strong commitment to the sport. Participation in all practices and meets is encouraged to help swimmers reach their goals. Practices are offered on weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and Saturdays, though each swimmer will attend based on what's appropriate for their goals. 


These athletes have achieved qualifying standards for the Region VIII Sectional championships, which are held each late winter/spring and summer, and are expected to attend all practices offered to help them attain their goals. 


Swimmers at the National level have qualified for National level (or higher) competitions and are training at the highest level. Success at this level is achieved through dedication, persistence, and commitment to every aspect of the program.