About SwimAmerica

About SwimAmerica

The American Swimming Coaches Association launched SwimAmerica in 1988 to be the nation's finest learn-to-swim program. Since then, SwimAmerica includes more than 2,000 programs nationwide as well as international programs. The reason for this success is simple: SwimAmerica focuses on teaching proper technique and basic water safety through goal-driven stations. When participants end the program, they truly have learned to swim and possess the lifesaving skills to be safe in and around water. 

HOW IT WORKS: Each station includes advancement goals that students will aim to achieve in order to move to the next level. By being goal-driven and technique-oriented, participants learn the fundamentals of swimming at their own pace. Students don't wait until the end of the month or a session to advance. When an instructor feels a student is ready, the Marlin Swim School's program director or supervisor will assess the student. If the student is ready, she will move to the next class right away (if space permits).

STATION 1: Bubbles
Learning proper breath control is fundamental when learning to swim. This essential skill is not only a foundation for proper technique in all strokes, but also a necessary skill that will make your child feel more comfortable in the water. In this station, participants will work blowing bubbles, bobs, going underwater, and exploring/ moving through the water.

STATION 2: Floats & Glides
Participants will learn how to float and glide on their front and back. A streamline is introduced. Bobs and breath control will continue to be explored.

STATION 3: Kicking
A proper kick is another fundamental learn-to-swim skill. In this station, participants will learn flutter kick on the front and back, dolphin kick and sculling. 

STATION 4: Crawl stroke
Once a solid kick has been learned, participants will learn how to use their arms in the crawl stroke. The introduction of arms will be done through various swimming drills including sculling and finning. The important safety skill of rolling over from front to back and back to front is also taught.

STATION 5: Freestyle
With the basics of the crawl stroke demonstrated, participants are ready to learn freestyle with proper breathing. At this time, backstroke is also introduced. 

STATION 6: Backstroke
Participants will continue to fine tune their freestyle and focus on backstroke in this station. Additionally, safety skills are taught such as treading water, sitting dives, kneeling dives and standing dives. 

With a solid foundation in place, participants are ready to learn the breaststroke kick and stroke and butterfly arms. Breaststroke and butterfly are explored through a variety of drills. In this station, swimmers will register with USA Swimming (an additional annual registration fee is required) and be eligible to participate in King Marlin Swim Club's Marlin Mini Meets. These fun meets are a great way for swimmers to experience racing and competitive swimming in a low-key, fun environment.

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