OAK Lessons

OAK Lessons 2018-2019


The OAK Lessons Program is an excellent introduction for your swimmer to the world of competitive swimming. Each practice is one hour in length and the program runs to the end of May. Practices are held out of the Appleby College Pool located at 540 Lakeshore Road West in Oakville.

2018-19 OAK Lesson Practice Schedule (Tentative)

Swimmers are divided into groups (Lesson A, B, C and D) depending on their age. This is so your children will be at a similar level to other swimmers in the lessons and not out of their depth and struggling.

Swimmers MUST meet the minimum required skills within their age bracket. Please see below for more details.

Lesson A (born in 2012 and Jul.-Dec. 2011):
Be independent Bob with rhythmic breathing
Float on front and kick
Float on back and kick

Lesson B (born in Jan.-Jun. 2011 and 2010):
Kick on front with board for 10 metres
Kick on back for 25 metres
Jump into deep water unassisted
Tread water for 30 seconds

Lesson C (born in Jul.-Dec. 2008 and 2009):
Front crawl arm motion and kick for 15 metres
Back crawl arm motion and kick for 15 metres
Breastroke / whip kick leg motion

Lesson D (born in Jan.-Jun. 2008 and 2007):
Swim 1 length front crawl with breathing
Swim 1 length back crawl
Kick with flutter board for 3 lengths
Fly leg motion / dolphin kick
Complete a somersault in the water

Note that lesson dates are confirmed on a monthly basis. On occasional dates may change due to circumstances beyond the Club's control. The total number of lessons will remain the same for the entire season. Monthly calendars will be posted ahead of time on the members' side of the OAK website.

Please respect the privacy of others; children aged seven years and older must use the gender appropriate change rooms. Note: Appleby College does NOT have any family change rooms.

Registration is online. If you have questions, please e-mail