BCST Alumni

                                                   BCST Alumni   

Hanna Armstrong – Pacific Lutheran University

Alec Barnard - Seattle University

Gavin Blake - Colby College

Darcie Booth - Pacific Lutheran University

Cassie Burgess - Harvey Mudd College

Sebastian Bury – Bentley University

Sam Chong - Wheaton College

Morgan Ciliv - Tufts University

Masami Cookson - Middlebury College

Caitlin Cox - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Danielle Deiparine - University of San Diego

Jimmy Deiparine – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Michelle Francois - Cal Lutheran

Bethany Gehrke – Seattle University

Ethan Hallowell – Stanford University

Rachel Hecker - University of Wyoming

Kelly Holton – Trinity University

Anna Keane - Northwestern University

Ed Kim - Harvard University

Wes Kim – Carnegie Mellon University

Kalena Laurent - Fordham University

Stacy Maier - Loyola Marymount University

Quinn Markwith – Claremont McKenna College

Todd McCarthy - University of Wisconsin

Kyle Moline – Seattle University

Madelyn Mooers - Azusa Pacific

Brandon Nguyen - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kayla Roberson - Wheaton College

Brian Ruggles – Pacific Lutheran University

Alex Seidel - Pamona College

Steve Sholdra – Fordham University

Liam Sosinsky - Cornell University

Michael Stanchi - United States Military Academy, West Point

Paolo Stanchi – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Johnnie Stupey - University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Caroline Van Maren – Seattle University

Matt Williams - Claremont McKenna College

Andy Wingerson - Yale

Grace Wold - University of Wisconsin

Tyler Yee - University of Hawaii