Swimmer Groups

Pre-competitive Novice (5 and up):  This group requires swimmer to have red cross swim lessons level 4 or higher or YMCA swim level Minnow or above. This is a perfect group for swimmers that are just starting to learn about competition swimming.

Novice (10 and under): This is the next group after pre-competitive novice. In this group swimmers will have tons of FUN while starting to learn swim technique, how to start, and how to correctly do turns before moving on to the next group.

Juniors (age 8 to 13): This group will continue to work on perfecting their strokes and proper technique. They will also begin to learn the rules of swimming and about aerobic conditioning. Stroke perfection will be a big focus of this group.  Dry-land training will also be introduced in this group.

Seniors (12 and over): This group is for advanced swimmers.  Aerobic training, anaerobic training, stroke mechanics, dry-land training and race preparation will be the focus of this group.  This group is structured to allow each athlete to reach their full potential. Senior swimmers are required to complete the USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training by their 18th birthday.

Adult (USA Swimming Athlete Membership):  Intended for adult swimmers no longer interested in the more intense training of senior preparation.  Meets and open water swims are encouraged.  Focus is on developing and maintaining aerobic conditioning, improving stroke technique, and reaching personal goals.  Adult athletes are required to pay the Premium USA registration annually need to complete USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training.

Note: Ages are approximate depending on ability.