Bottle Drop

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Our local BottleDrop is convieniently located near the Newport Aquatic Center at              158 E Olive St, Newport. 

Please email Kasey when you need bags.  The blue bags with the barcoded tag are required for NST to get the benefit.  

Plastic, aluminum, and glass can all go in the same bag. No need to sort! 

  1. Collect bag
  2. Drop'em in! Put only empty Oregon deposit containers in bag.  No Trash.
  3. Not too heavy. Max weight 20 lbs.  Don't fill more than half with glass.
  4. Close it up. Cinch bag completely closed and tie securely. 
  5. Drop off at any Bottledrop location! Make sure the Newport Swim Team barcode is on the outside of the bag (don't try to scan the barcode to close, it will not work). Open 5am-11pm! 

Up to 10 Blue Bags can be dropped each day without an appointment. With advance notice, you can schedule an appointment to drop off up to 50 bags at one time.