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SCRIP is a gift card purchasing program that members can utilize offset a portion of their dues.  The SCRIP program allows you to buy retailer gift cards.  It's a DOLLAR for DOLLAR exchange -- $10 gift card for $10!

Members can receive between 3% and 50% profit from a store that will be applied to offset a member's swimming dues (after deduction of minimal expenses associated with operating the SCRIP program). Gift cards make the perfect gift for the holidays and special events.  They can also be used for day-to-day spending.

Latest Scrip Form (January 2018)
Print the form and fill it in.  Make the payment (check only please) out to OCST.  Attach the payment to the form and put your order in the white mailbox in the gear closet.  One week later, the orders will be delivered to the pool. It is just that easy!
  • Every month we place an order, there is a $10 handling fee. This will be divided among the people who ordered SCRIP that month. Obviously, the more people who order, the more beneficial it is to everyone! This fee will be deducted from the profit for each order. When you pick up your scrip, you will see the amount that went toward this fee. For the first order, each person was charged only .38! Great job!
  • There is a locked mailbox in the storage room near the filing cabinet. Please make sure to have your order in by the due date, so we will have time to process it. The final due date for the next order is June 7th by 4:45!! 
  • You may pick up your scrip order on:  June 14th . If that time doesn't work, we will figure out an alternate day. Please bring photo ID, so we can be sure we are giving it to the right person. If you are unable to come yourself, please send someone in your place. Let us know who to expect, and make sure they bring photo ID.

SCRIP schedule for 2017-2018 

Orders due  Delivery
Thurs.6/7/2018 Thurs. 6/14/2018
 Thurs. 7/5/2018 Thurs. 7/12/2018
 Thurs. 8/2/2018 Thurs. 8/9/2018

Questions should be directed to the SCRIP coordinators:

  • Corrin Escobar:
Remember SCRIP is a great way to offset a portion of your swimming dues.