COVID Protocols

 Due to COVID the following protocols MUST BE FOLLOWED for practices:


  • Please communicate with your coach, or have your swimmer communicate with their coach (while copying you), if your swimmer will not be attending practice. 

  • If your swimmer is not feeling well or is showing any signs of COVID, wait 24 hours until all symptoms are gone before returning to practice. 

  • If you swimmer has been in contact with someone with COVID, DO NOT COME TO PRACTICE until cleared. 

  • Drop off your swimmer 15 minutes before practice starts. 

  • Confirm your swimmer is able to join practice, before leaving pool. 

  • Once practice begins, the gate will close and tardy swimmers will only be able to swim if tardiness is communicated to the coach before 5pm.  

  • If you walk your swimmer to the gate for check-in, a face covering is required. Please maintain physical distancing (6 ft) at all times. 

  • Parents may not spectate on deck or gather at the fence. 

  • Pick up your swimmer immediately after practice ends. 

Swimmers - Prepare for practice 

Use the restroom at home! 

Put on your suit at home! 

Bring to practice: 

  • A face covering. Must be worn at all times unless in the pool. 

  • At least one full water bottle that is easy to identify as yours. Bottle filling stations will not be available. 

  • Your own cap, goggles and towel. Sharing will not be allowed. 

  • Be prepared with back-ups in case something breaks or is lost. 

  • Remember, you will leave the pool while wearing a wet suit. A parka, robe or extra towel may be useful. 

  • Please bring a gear bag (fins, kickboard, paddles, pull buoy) if you own. 

Swimmers - Enter/attend practice 

  • Put on your face covering before you leave your car, and wear it at all times, unless in the water. 

  • Have parent help with cap, or be prepared to put on your own cap. Coaches and other swimmers may not assist with caps. 

  • Maintain physical distancing at all times (minimum of 6 ft apart). 

  • Wait in the designated waiting area outside the fenced pool deck. 

  • Check in and get your temperature taken. 

  • Swimmers with temps of 100.4° F or greater will not be allowed to enter. 

  • After checking in and once pool deck is open, locate a marked spot on the bleachers for belongings. Maintain physical distancing. 

  • While keeping your face covering on, get ready to swim (outer layers off, cap and goggles ready). 

  • Wait next to your belongings for direction from your coach about your assigned lane and position. 

  • When instructed, remove your face covering, then go to your assigned lane and position in the pool. 

  • The restroom will be available for one person at a time. Please limit restroom use, unless absolutely necessary. 

Swimmers - Exit practice 

  • Leave your lane when your coach gives permission, and move directly to your belongings. 

  • Maintain physical distancing.  

  • Towel off, put on face covering and dress as desired over your suit. 

  • Exit pool deck through open gate. Make sure you have ALL of your belongings. 

  • Swimmers who drive: Walk directly to your car and exit the parking area. 

  • Swimmers who are waiting for their ride: Maintain physical distancing in the designated waiting area. Wear your face covering. 

Updated 2/28/2021