Swim Meets/Competitions

Coaches determine what meets will be selected for SLST swimmers to attend.  Each swimmer/parent will be informed of all scheduled meets.

There are several different kinds of meets that the team participates in.  Swimmers’ times are ranked by the USA Swimming standards and are categorized as C, B, A, Sectional and Zone times.  ‘C’ time is slower than ‘B’ time which is slower than ‘A’ time and so on.  The standard times for these categories may change each year, for each age group.  Swimmers work towards establishing the own ‘personal best times’.  Any time established at any USA Swimming meet establishes the individual swimmers time as an A time, B time, etc..

The different types of meets SLST may attend can be defined as follows:

Dual Meets

A/B/C Invitationals

A/B Invitationals

State Championships

Sections/Zone Meets

Open to all swimmers; low-key meets good for new swimmers

Open to all swimmers

Open to swimmers with A/B times

Open to swimmers with A times

Open to swimmers with Sectional or Zone times

Typically, no fees

Entry fees

Entry fees

Entry fees

Entry fees