Swimming in College

Using Swimming to get into College


Listed below are some of the past TEAM Eugene Swimmers and the universities they attended.  If you were a past TEAM swimmer and you don't see your name and university listed please email britta@teameugene.org and we'll get your name added. 
Past TEAM Eugene Swimmer University Attended
Adriana Quirke San Diego State and University of Idaho
Aime Osterberg Grand Canyon University
Ben Brink University of Tennesee
Ben Lepp Pacific University
Carly Jessup University of New Mexico
Carly Rowan Cal Poly University
Chole Thulstrup Occidental University
Christine Perlow M.I.T.
Dusay Jessup Northern Arizona University
Dusty Snell University of Hawaii
Erika Wirth Oregon State University
Heidi Tillicki University of Alaska Fairbanks
Ingrid Woelful NotreDame University
James Gilmore Seattle University
Jerry Diamond Ithaca University
Jesse Vaughn Willamette University
Jessica Murray Cal State Northridge
Kaili Mauricio Tufts University
Kiele Maurrcio Bowdan
Lara Styles Air Force
Laura Landgreen University of Nebraska
Lauren Nelson Whitworth University
Lea Bonebrak Iowa State
Lexie Mollahan Loras College
Marshall Balderstom Willamette University
Matt Brody Whitworth University
Micael King University of Alabama
Michele Rice University of Tampa
Rachel Joseph University of Florida
Rachel Leighter Seattle University
Sam Rowam Wisconsin University and University of Arizona
Sarah Snyder Colorado State
Laura Fay University of New Hampshire
Sarit Gluz Lewis and Clark University
Stephanie Francix Seattle University

Sylvie Peterson

Willamette University
Marty Moen Oakland University
Tara Berringer Oakland University