Service Hours

TEAM Service Hours

TEAM is a parent run organization. Other than our coaches, every TEAM function is carried out by parent volunteers. In order to keep our team running smoothly, every family is required to volunteer for 10 hours each season.

  • If you have multiple swimmers on TEAM, you are still only required to volunteer 10 hours per season.

  • You are still required to volunteer for 10 hours even if your child does not participate in swim meets.

Please note: We expect all TEAM parents who attend away meets to assist with lane timing,  just as parents from visiting teams help us with lane timing at the meets we host. Timing at an away meet does not count towards your 10 volunteer hours. It’s just a way to support our swimmers and those on other teams.

How to fulfill Your Service Hours

The bulk of volunteering happens at our TEAM sponsored swim meets. Without parent volunteers we simply could not host meets to provide our swimmers - and those from other teams - the opportunity to race.

TEAM hosts three meets in short course season (September-March):

Yellow vs Blue - November TEAM Winter Open - December Y State - January

TEAM hosts one meet in long course season (April- August):

TEAM Summer Open - end of June/beginning of July (Check the TEAM calendar of events for exact dates.)

Job sign ups for swim meets are posted on the website about a week before the event. The TEAM volunteer coordinator will send out an email letting you know when the signup will be open, including instructions for signing up.

Other ways to fulfill Service Hours

Board member, concessions coordinator, team photographer, graphic designer, grill coordinator, concessions coordinator, hospitality coordinator, head shopper, official, and electronic equipment coordinator

Jobs that are highlighted are currently open.  We are in the process of adding links with job descriptions to each of the above jobs. If you are interested in a job above and a link is not available please email britta@teameugene.org for more information. 


Unfulfilled Service Hours

The team functions best if everyone participates and no one is overloaded with work. If you do not complete 10 hours of volunteer time per season, your TEAM account will be billed as follows:

  • 8 or more unfulfilled hours: $45 per hour

  • Fewer than 8 hours unfulfilled:  $30 per hour

  • If you sign up for a job and don’t show up: $45 per hour

Have questions about volunteering or need more information about available jobs? Please contact the TEAM Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@teameugene.org