Swimmer Merit Fund Policy

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Corvallis Aquatic Team
Swimmer Merit Fund
(Rev. 11/15)

Intent and Philosophy Statement

Swimming is a life-long sport. Sportsmanship, discipline, work ethic, leadership and personal goal setting are fostered by participation in competitive swimming, and additionally by the Corvallis Aquatic Team. In addition, the team recognizes the potential for collegiate scholarship awards and other opportunities for athletes who reach a certain athletic and academic level.  The intent of the Board of Corvallis Aquatic Team in establishing this Swimmer Merit Fund is to help support the above stated philosophy. Any team member or potential team member meeting the selection criteria is eligible to be considered for assistance.

Selection Committee Membership

The selection committee will consist of the head coach plus two of the three president board members (president, president-elect, and past president.) 

Selection Committee Duties and Guidelines

The committee will review all applications for assistance.  Based on the information provided by the applicant and available monies in the Swimmer Merit Fund, the committee may award assistance to the applicant. The amount of assistance will be at the committee’s discretion. The maximum dollar amount which may be awarded to each applicant is the annual Osborn fee plus one half of the applicant’s monthly dues. Prior assistance will have no bearing on the selection for additional assistance. Decisions by the committee are final.

Assistance Uses

All assistance monies allocated by the selection committee will be credited to the recipient’s CAT account administered by the CAT Business Manager.  Swimmer merit funds will only and exclusively be used for the recipient’s CAT monthly dues or annual Osborn fee.  These monies are not available for any other purpose such as USA Swimming membership fees, CAT Den purchases, meet entry fees, concessions/hospitality donations, CAT team travel expenses, etc. 


The Swimmer Merit Fund will be funded by private donations designated to the fund.  It will be held in a temporarily restricted fund on the books of the Corvallis Aquatic Team.  The fund may only be used for approved applicants for the uses outlined above under “Assistance Uses”.

Eligibility Criteria for Assistance

1. Applicants must be between 11 and 18 years of age for the duration of the assistance and have been a competitive swimmer for at least two years when the assistance is awarded.

2. Applicants must have been a member in good standing of CAT or their former club or team for at least the previous two years.  A member in good standing is one who meets the obligations of membership as laid out in the bylaws and policies of CAT or the former club or team.

3.  Applicants must have demonstrated a high level of competitive swimming performance by achieving at least three official Age Group Regional time standards (for athletes ages 11-14) or three official Senior Sectional time standards (for athletes ages 15 & older) within the previous 12 months.  These time standards may be found on the Oregon Swimming website www.oregonswimming.org

4. Applicants should submit two evaluations. The first shall be from his/her current or former coach(es). This evaluation of the swimmer should cover, but not be limited to, sportsmanship, work ethic, discipline, goal setting, leadership, ability, and future potential.  The second evaluation may be from an unrelated adult (i.e. teacher) who is able to adequately evaluate the swimmer in the areas listed above.

5. Applicants must demonstrate and provide proof of financial need.  Minimum level of financial need shall be eligibility for free meals through the US Department of Agriculture’s school meals programs, defined as 130% of the federal poverty level.

6.  Applicants must demonstrate adequate academic progress and achievement.  A grade report for the most current quarter or semester showing current and accumulative GPA of at least 2.5 should be submitted with the application.  Homeschooled students may submit a statement from the parent in lieu of a grade report.  The committee may use its discretion in application of the GPA guidelines.

Duration of Assistance

The maximum length of assistance is one year. Athletes may re-apply for assistance annually.

Application Procedure

Application forms will be available on the CAT website and should be submitted to the CAT dues box at Osborn. Applications for assistance may be made at any time.  Those received by the 15th will be decided upon by the end of the month.   Families will be notified by the Business Manager of the committee’s decision, the amount of the award if applicable, and other pertinent information.