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The possibilities are endless with your support!

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Elite Level Members

Ballard Family

Blankenship Family

Butterfield Family

Caminiti Family

Carr Family

Combs Family

Andrea Cornett Family

Dillon Family

Driehaus Family

Dutro Family

Eckert Family

Eversole Family

Gockerman Family

Grender Family

M. & L. Habel Family

Heidkamp Family

Hensler Family

Henz Family

 G. & A. Jones Family

Lange Family

Mangano Family

McFall Family


McMullan Family

McNerney Family

W. & L. Morris Family

Muenzer Family

Murray Family

Piersma Family

Roddy Family

Roell Family

Scott Family

Sequeira Family

Silvestain Family

Stevens-Webster families

Sobolewski Family

Thorp Family

Tiernan Family

Venkatesan-Kenter Family

Voelkerding Family

Wall Family

Wickler Family


Champion Level Members

Baxter Family

Buse Family

Creviston Family

DelGado Family

Elsen Family

Hedger Family

Lorenz Family

Matt Perun

Prangley Family

Radtke Family

Roberts Family

Semona Family

Thibodeaux Family

Vogeler Family

Wade Family


Partner Level Member

Algers Family

Argus Family

Bradley Family

Butcher Family

Feldman Family

Keiser Family

Lashua Family

Malhotra Family

Replogle Family

Seilkop Family

Walsh Family

N. Williams family



Honorary Members

Peter Breissinger

Jared Cox

Josie Grote

Ty Grubb

Abby Habel

Christian Imbus

Josh McDonald

Erica Morris

Izzy Murray

Abigail Rapien

Claire Roell

Luke Sobolewski

Jared Watson

Connor Williams



The Boosters will help to fund many things at all of our locations that the team is unable to do without raising fees significantly.  

Some past and current contributions include:

- Updating the weight room for safety

-  Replacing pool equipment such as pads, lap counters, deck plates, etc.

-   Replace and upgrade office equipment

-   Support the Splash Into Summer meet and our youngest swimmers

-   Fund coaching needs that would benefit the swimmers (cameras, coaching seminars, coaching platforms)

-   Other team needs identified by the Boosters Board and Coaches

 The possibilities are endless with your support!