All fundraisers must first be Board Approved!  Those listed below are already approved.

1. Plan a Social Night! 
Many local companies offer a fundraiser where the organization receives a certain percentage of the money spent at their establishment for a given night.  A popular one is Papa's Pizza!  They have fliers that we can pass out and Papa's donated 50% of money spent with a flier to our team.  Besides being a fundraisor they're a fun social event.  Other places are Cold Stone Ice Creamery, Track Town Pizza,  and Baja Fresh.  If you plan an event, 100% of what the team brings in goes toward your fundraising requirement!  In the past these have brought in $100-200.  Make sure to have your night preapproved by the Coach or Board first!

2. Be a Meet Director:
We put on 3 events this season (Youth Tri, Mike Morris and Lake Swim).  Besides that, events bring in money!  Right now we'd like to put on a Masters Meet at either Amazon or Echo Hollow Pool.  If you decide to be meet director, 100% of the profit the team brings in goes toward your fundraising requirement.  Meet directors organize the event and delegate tasks.  Events bring in different amounts of money.
Please contact Coach Jessica if you're interested.

3. Lap-a-thon
If you are interested in organizing it let Coach Jessica know!   Here's how this works: The kids get sponsors from family, friends, neighbors, businesses.  We'll hand out packets explaining how.  All donations are tax deductible. On the day of the lap-a-thon the kids swim as much as they can in 1 hour.  This is one of our biggest fundraiser of the year traditionally.  You get credit for whatever your child brings in.

4. Football Sausage Booth
This is our biggest fundraiser all year!!!
We run one of the consession booths at Autzen stadium each fall.  There are usually 7 home games a season and we are responsible for each of them.  Volunteers usually work about 3-4 hours and earn $25 per person toward their fundraising.  If you are the coordinator or caller for these games you earn double that and your volunteering for the season.  You must be over 14 years old with coach permission or over 16 years old to work these games.  Multiple people from one family can work at a game (or get your friends to go too!).  They are super fun - don't miss out!  It's a great way to earn money for the team without asking friends, family, neighbors for money.

We also need one main coordinator every year.  The coordinator gets all of their fundraising and volunteering requirements for the year.  Must be able to attend Aug training and all home games.  Must be organized and have worked the booth before.

5. Entertainment Books Sales
In the fall our team sells Entertainment Books.  They are really popular and almost sell themselves.  If the team sells over 50 books we make 50% of the book cost.  Each book costs $20.  Sales usually run Oct thru mid Dec.  Your family gets credit for the profit amount of books you sold.  If you coordinate your child receives a team tshirt and sweatshirt!

Volunteering (Updated 5/09/12)

Each season we ask that each family volunteer for at least 15 hours.  With all the events going on, it's not hard to get in at least that much.  Below is a list of ways to get in some hours!

1. Timing at meets:
Each meet we attend we have a timing lane that needs to be filled.  Sign up for this at the meets.  The amount of time spent timing (haha!) goes toward the hours.  Host teams work so hard to put on the meets for our kids it's the least we can do!  Not sure how?  We'll show you!

2. Organize and Host a Social
These are so fun.  Please email Coach Jessica if you can do this!

3. Dual Meet Cards (winter only)
This can be done at practice while your child is swimming.  Coach Jessica needs help filling out cards for dual meets.  Usually one meet is about 1 hour of work.

4. Become an Official
The meet officials in the white shirts you see on deck are volunteer officials.  Most are parents just like you!  This is something every team should have, and right now we don't have anyone trained as an official.  The training is free,  offered periodically throughout the year.  I would like to see one parent become certified this season.  Coach Cory and Coach Gina are scheduling training for April 2010.  Email Coach Jessica.

5. Be a caller 
Using the phone list you will call our team to get volunteers signed up for one of our U of O football games.  You can do this at home.  It takes someone who likes talking on the phone and is organized.  Contact Coach Jessica.

6. Help Coach with Admin Work
This involves letting the coach know what days you are available to help out.  For example one parent just helped sort through the logo gear items that came in.

7.Youth Triathlon
In May each year we host a youth triathlon at Echo Hollow Pool.  We need volunteers to help with putting it on from marking the course, advertising, timing, set up, tear down, finish line, runners, etc.  It's super fun to help these kids out!

8. Mike Morris Swim Meet
We help host this meet every year in either June or July at Amazon pool and we need volunteers each year to help us do our part.  Jobs vary year to year.

9. Lake Swim
Every August we put on a lake swim race.  Super fun to do and help out at.  Spend the day setting up, tearing down, running check in, being in a boat, directing parkers, timing, and more!