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How To Check Your Service Hours Balance

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Service Hour Requirements  

The service hour commitment for the 2017-18 swim year (September 2017 to August 2018) is available here (PDF document will open in a new window).                                                                                    

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How to Report Your Service Hours  

With the exception of the members of the THSC Board of Directors, all THSC families are required to track their service hours and to report them to the THSC Service Hours coordinator within 30 days of earning them.  It is not enough to sign up for a volunteer job on the THSC website or check off your name on the volunteer sign-in sheet during the meet.  Your service hours only get credited once they are reported and recorded. Service hours earned (at a swim meet, a team event, or any other authorized task performed for the club) should be reported by sending an email to the Service Hours coordinator, Suzanne Taylor, at Please use the following format to report your service hours:

  • Name on the Account:

  • Swimmer Name: 

  • Swimmer Squad:  

  • Meet or Event Name:

  • Service hours completed:

Please specify job(s) performed and the number of hours volunteered at each job.


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How To Check Your Service Hour Balance

Service Hours obligation in each member family’s Service Hours account is set separately for the Short Course season and the Long Course season.  Completed and reported service hours are also recorded separately for each season.  To check your Service Hours account (your obligation for the current season, hours worked, and the remaining balance for the current season), please log on to the website with your username and password, Click on My Account, select $My Invoice / Payments, then click on Service Hours tab.  In order to view your service hours balance, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page, move the bar to the right and scroll back to the top of the page.                                                                                   

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