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Olympic Way

The Olympic Way program of the Tualatin Hills Swim Club is a fun introduction to competitive swimming for children ages 5-9.  Your child will continue to develop their stroke technique in an encouraging and team-oriented environment. When appropriate, Olympic Way acts as a stepping stone to our competitive squads.

Our Staff  is energetic and highly-qualified. We aim to inspire these young swimmers, and help develop in them a life-long love for the water. See the bios of all our great coaches.

Olympic Way Groups  Upon trying-out, our staff will place your swimmer in the most appropriate group for his or her individual level. Our groups are small and the athletes develop strong bonds with their teammates and coaches.

  • Bronze Level (OWB): Swimmers in the Bronze group have completed THPRD level 4 or have experience from another swim lesson program. These swimmers must be able to do 25 yds of Freestyle and Backstroke in addition to front kicks and streamline back kicks. While in Bronze, swimmers will continue to develop their Freestyle and Backstroke skills. When appropriate, Bronze swimmers are introduced to Breaststroke kick. (30 minute practice)
  • Silver Level (OWS): Swimmers in Silver are promoted from Bronze (or a THPRD level 5) and proficient in the fundamentals of Freestyle and Backstroke. While in the Silver group, swimmers with continue to develop their Freestyle and Backstroke skills, in addition to more Breaststroke work, and an introduction to dolphin kick. (30 minute practice)
  • Gold Level (OWG): Swimmers in Gold are promoted from Silver (or have completed THPRD level 6) are proficient Freestyle and Backstroke and have an understanding of Breastroke and Butterfly. While in the Gold group, swimmers will continue to develop their Breaststroke and Butterfly skills in addition to Freestyle and Backstroke interval sets. When appropriate, swimmers in Gold will move up to the competitive program or our Juniors program. (40 minute practice)
  • Juniors (Non-Competative): For Olympic Way swimmers 10&up (or those who have previous swim experience) that are continuing to develop their stroke technique. (1 hour practice)

Schedule  To see Olympic Way's current schedule options, please click on the Calendar tab above and select the current schedule on the pull down menu. Please note that the schedule may change given the session (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

Each group practices individually Monday-Thursday, and together on Fridays. On the First Friday of every month, we host mini-meets (during regular practice time) and get all groups together for racing, challenges, starts and turns, as well as other group activities that aim to build cohesiveness.

Ready To Join Us?   Register for one of the upcoming tryouts (watch our home page for announcements).

Have Questions/Need More Info?   Please contact either our:
Membership Coordinator at [email protected] OR
Olympic Way Director at [email protected] 


Olympic Way Skill Checklist  Below is a list of skills required at each level.  Once you have completed a level, you can join the next level up.

Friday Night Race Results (2019-2020 Season)

 Welcome to the Olympic Way!   We're excited to have you on our team!!!