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Welcome to the Tornadoes Swim Team!!!

The Tornadoes Swim Team is committed to developing swimmers of all ages by challenging and motivating them to compete like champions in swimming while demonstrating excellent sportsmanship.  We focus on each swimmer’s strengths and areas for development in a supportive environment that includes core body strengthening and conditioning, and progressive endurance and technical skills training including racing starts, strokes and turns.  Our swimmers are empowered to attain their fullest potential in a way never thought possible.

Team Philosophy:  The Tornadoes Swim Team competes year-round while fostering the development of swimmer skills, abilities, confidence and competitive drive.  We encourage valuable life long skills by modeling and rewarding honesty, integrity, hard work and self-discipline, self-esteem, organizational skills, teamwork and excellent sportsmanship. The Tornadoes provide a positive environment in which swimmers of all levels may develop to their fullest potential.

For more information, or if you are interested in  joining the Tornadoes Swim Team, please contact Coach Sophia by clicking on the Contact Us link to the left, or call (360) 609-1030.  Or you can schedule a tryout with Coach Megan by contacting her at  We hope to see and meet you!

Swimming age or requirements

Your child or adolescent needs to be able to swim on his or her own. It is preferred that swimmers have previously completed at least some swim lessons. Our program is designed for swimmers 6-18 years of age.  We do, however, have swimmers as young as 5 years of age (typically younger siblings of older swimmers).  Our professional coaches work with swimmers to develop the four main swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke).  Ideally, swimmers are capable of completing a length of each stroke with the knowledge of how to do the strokes when they join the team.



Tryouts are by appointment with Coach Megan.  Swimmers looking to join the team will be asked to complete a length or two of each stroke to the best of their ability (no pressure).  Based on the tryout, we can recommend a group for the swimmer or more lessons if needed before joining.  Team members are placed into groups based on their age, ability, and how well they would fit into the existing group.

For more information, or if you are interested in scheduling a tryout, please contact Coach Megan at


Why Swim?

Swimming vs. other sports:

*Good health benefits, great exercise
*Swimming uses more muscles than any other sport and has fewer injuries.
*Swimming is among the best for improving fitness levels of heart and lungs.
*Swimming is easy on the joints.
*Swimmers do not have to deal with heat stroke.
*Swimmers develop stroke swimming skills which is a good safety skill.
*Swimmers also train on land to develop the whole athlete.
*Swimming is a great exercise for life!

USA Swimming Survey

USA Swimming conducted a study which showed swimmers have higher GPA’s and averaged higher paying jobs later in life.

Sports teach life skills

*Good sportsmanship
*Work ethic
*Setting and accomplishing goals
*Build self esteem, self confidence
*Develop good time management skills
*Create memories