Tornadoes Partners
Fees & Billing

Membership Costs:

Monthly (or quarterly) swimmer dues are payable at the beginning of each month as follows, and a late fee of $15 is automatically added to the next month's invoice for payments received after the 28th: 

Group Monthly Quarterly
F1 $65.00 $180.00
F2 $90.00 $255.00
F3 $90.00 $255.00
F4 $110.00 $315.00
F5 $115.00 $330.00
Adult Masters $35.00 N/A









Additional Costs:

  • Annual Registration Fee of $150.00 (billed September 1st and includes annual USA Swimming Registration).
  • Meet fees will be billed only for meets swimmers are signed up for.  These fees are determined by the hosting team.  Tornadoes bill an additional $10 meet fee for local meets and $20 meet fee for travel meets and all championship, state, regional, sectional, and zone meets.
  • There is a $35 re-activation fee charged for each swimmer previously on the team who has not been active for more than 3 months on an approved leave of absence.

All swimmers are required to be YMCA members.  Tornadoes monthly rate is $10.00 per swimmer or $67.00 per family, to be paid directly to the YMCA (YMCA registration fee is waived for Tornadoes Swim Team members).  Each family is responsible for registering their swimmer(s) as YMCA members directly with the YMCA registration desk.  This rate does not apply to Adult Masters, see the Adult/Masters tab for YMCA cost.)

Checks are made payable to:

Tornadoes Swim Team

P.O. Box 61607

Vancouver, WA 98666

Tornadoes Swim Team now accepts payment via Debit/Credit Cards or ACH.  Login to the website, click My Account, select Setup Auto Pay.