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Stroke & Turn Official

Stoke and Turn Official

One of our Parent Responsibilities is to have a Volunteer Position and one of the options that you have is to be a Stroke and Turn Official.


  • Attend a Clinic

  • Purchase White Shirt, Navy Shorts, White Socks, White Shoes (tax deductible)

  • Register with USAS

  • Background Screening APT

  • On-Deck Training 

The following describes what you need to accomplish and also what the benefits to you will be.

A Stroke and Turn Judge (S&T) observes swimmers to ensure compliance with the rules pertaining to the swim, the turn(s), and the finish. At most meets we attend the S&T are positioned at either end.

The first step in becoming a S&T is to attend a clinic. A clinic will take approximately two hours and will introduce the new official to the technical swimming rules, will discuss deck procedures and protocol, and will outline the training process.

The next step is USA Swimming (USAS) registration; while registration is not necessary for clinic attendance, persons may not begin on-?]deck training until they have registered. The fee for USAS registration is currently $59.00(subject to change). The link for the current Non-Athlete form is Here.

Additionally, all swimming officials, just like coaches, must submit to a criminal background screen and work through an online Athlete Protection clinic.  The fee for the background screen is $39.00 while there is no fee associated with the Athlete Protection training.

Deck training is done side by side with a certified official; the new official in training is in a position to learn and is not asked to accept responsibility on the pool deck until fully prepared.  The second step in deck training involves working alone under supervision. 

After deck training is completed the trainee takes an online open book test regarding technical rules, and upon successful completion is issued S&T credential.

The Officials Committee within Oregon Swimming has Area Chairs, each with responsibility for a number of specific teams.If you have any questions regarding the training process you may contact the Area Chair for the Tornadoes. The following is the link for Oregon Swimming and our current Area Chair.

Officiating is a rewarding volunteer opportunity that allows us to share the sport of swimming with our children at all levels.

While there is cost associated becoming an official, officials are a valuable asset to all teams so some swim clubs.  The Tornadoes Swim Team will reimburse the current year Oregon Swimming fee and Bi-Yearly Background checks. Each year you must renew your USA Non-Athlete form and every two the Athlete Protection, you will be reimbursed only with a minimum of 5 Sessions worked per year.

Hope to see you on deck!

Tornadoes Contact to Schedule a Training - Sophia (360)609-1030.

Oregon Swimming Officials Web Site

USA Swimming - Officials Training Web Site

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