Tornadoes Partners
Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

The Tornadoes Swim Team Board of Directors committed to create and use the accompanying strategic plan to inform and educate our stakeholders (swim team families, community partners, and potential sponsors), as well as to serve as a roadmap for coordinating our resources and guiding our efforts toward meeting shared goals. This first generation version of our strategic plan targets a limited number (4) of primary organizational goals and realistic timelines for completion, as well as a number of preliminary strategies for achieving the respective goals. Specifically, we will focus our initial efforts on improving communications and community relations, and membership sustainability and expansion. We selected these goals based upon our first-hand experiences with supporting team operations, as well as feedback from you, our stakeholders.

In addition to the primary organizational goals and strategies, we have established a multitude (32) of secondary goals and strategies for our coaches and board members. These secondary goals are aimed at enhancing and refining the various swim programs we offer to optimally prepare our swimmers to achieve their full potential and associated successes; to encourage and support the ongoing professional development of our coaching staff to ensure that they are best prepared to meet our swimmers’ needs; to develop and implement improved financial management practices to ensure fiscal responsibility consistent with serving as good stewards of the team’s non-profit designation; to enhance team support activities and resources; to continue our fundraising prosperity, to enhance team operations toward facilitating increased cooperation and collaboration with other OSI teams including co-hosting of meets; to minimize board member turnover; and to develop and implement continuous and effective marketing, recruitment and retention strategies for swimmers of targeted age and skill levels based on composition of team and availability of resources. The Tornadoes Swim Team board members and coaches are fully committed to serve the best interests of all our swimmers and other stakeholders, and dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our responsibilities to accomplish the goals outlined in this strategic plan. Progress toward these goals will be routinely monitored through quarterly reporting to the Board of Directors, and through providing updates to our swim team families and other stakeholders at our biannual parent meetings and by updating the Strategic Plan on our team website.