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The Tornadoes Swim Team is a non-profit swim team that participates in the annual USA Swimming Swim-a-Thon as one of our two primary fundraising activities.  USA Swimming owns the Swim-a-Thon trademark, and provides the following description of Swim-a-Thon:

Swim-a-Thon is a fundraiser in which participants earn money for their team by swimming lengths of the pool. Swimmers have a two-hour period to swim a maximum of 200 lengths. Participants get pledges from businesses, family, neighbors, etc. prior to swimming. Some choose to get pledges and money prior to swimming while others get pledges per length and collect the money following the Swim-a-Thon. With over 500 Swim-a-Thons conducted each year, this program has proven itself over and over again as a successful method of raising funds for teams.

The exciting benefits of this program are that Swim-a-Thon is not only an excellent fundraiser, but also an opportunity for teams to combine swimming and a social event. Additionally, Swim-a-Thon can boost team spirit and increase community awareness of the team.

The Tornadoes very much appreciate and are grateful to those who chose to sponsor our swimmers during Swim-a-Thon, and we assure our sponsors that we will use all proceeds in a responsible manner to directly benefit our swimmers.

The 2018 Swim-a-Thon raised almost $16,000!  A little short of our $18,000 goal, but a great effort to our swim families for helping our team be successful!  Congrats to our top 3 fundraisers!

1st place:  Sean and Sarah raised $1740.75!

2nd place:  Anna raised $800!

3rd place:  Marli raised $583!


Fundraising letters:  Modify them to make them personal and send them to everyone you know.  Or use the online system to send emails to all your contacts:

2018 Business Sponsor Letter

2018 Donation Request Letter

Where Does the Swim-a-Thon Money Go?