Swim Groups

The Tigard Tualatin Swim Club employs a progressive age group program designed to develop the swimmer physically, mentally and emotionally in a systematic fashion. A well-defined, long-term approach of gradually increasing the degree of commitment is essential to reach peak performance levels during a swimmer’s physiological prime. The emphasis in the early stages of participation is placed on developing technical skills and a love for the sport. In the later years, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge is introduced to the training program. 

TTSC training groups contain swimmers who are compatible with respect to abilities, commitment levels and goals. Swimmers progress through training groups at different rates. 

The coaching staff makes training group assignments and advancements in accordance with the swimmer’s physical, mental, and emotional level of development.

In addition to our regular team levels we offer a three day a week program during the summer months called Summer Splash to give young swimmers a taste of competitive swimming without the year round commitment.

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Green Group

The Green group is for our 10 and under swimmers who are learning stroke technique and the technical skills necessary to compete. The focus of the Green group is teaching all four of the competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and developing a strong foundation for the sport. Swimmers also learn skills such as reading a pace clock, circle swimming and understanding written swim sets. 

Navy Group

The Navy group is for 9 and under swimmers and is focused on development and refinement of stroke technique. Swimmers in the Navy group have at least 3 legal strokes and are working to master the 4th. Swimmers also learn key components for swimming on a swim team, such as circle swimming, understanding swim sets and how to swim with multiple people in a lane. Along with technique, swimmers in the Navy group start to build endurance and are focused on earning their State Championship qualifying times.

Intermediate Group

The Intermediate group is for 10-14-year-old swimmers who are developing the technical skills necessary for the sport. The focus of the Intermediate group is continued development of the technical skills and increased aerobic training. Intermediate emphasizes stroke development; meet preparation and increasing aerobic ability. The swimmers will learn how to train on an interval, do sets, and how to work together with teammates.

Junior Group

The focus of the Junior group is further refinement of stroke technique of the four competitive strokes, teaching good training habits, and offering challenging workouts and intervals. Swimmers in Junior group have four legal strokes and perform starts and turns with proficiency. This group introduces distance free and IM training, race tactics, and goal setting. These swimmers are working towards continued State championship qualifying times and Age Group Sectional times.   

Senior Prep Group

The Senior Prep group is for advanced swimmers ages 11-14. This group represents our highest level of age group swimmer. In this group, swimmers will work on advanced refinement of stroke technique and efficiency, heavy aerobic development, promotion of distance free and IM training, learning race tactics, and developing interest in national-level swimming possibilities. The swimmers have, or are close to, their State championship qualifying times and are working towards (or already have) Age Group Sectional qualifying times.

Senior 2 Group

The Senior 2 group is for swimmers ages 13-18 whose focus is on high school swimming/preparation for high school swim, or who are also carrying non-swimming commitments (i.e. other sports, music/drama, etc.). Swimmers are focused on building and improving their swimming abilities. Technique and aerobic development are highly emphasized in the Senior 2 group, and specialty training is introduced.

Senior 1 Group

The Senior 1 group is the highest-level training group on our team. This group is for swimmers ages 14 and up, by invitation of the head coach. In this group, swimmers are preparing for competition at the regional championship, National, and collegiate levels. The emphasis is on reaching one’s ultimate potential, advanced technique training, aerobic and anaerobic development, and extensive goal setting.