Welcome to the Bronze Group for the 2017-18 Season! We are excited to get started this year. Please bring goggles, cap, fins, and water to every practice.


Summer Practice Schedule North And South

Monday Crestview 50M 10:45-12

Tuesday Crestview 50M 5-6:15

Wednesday Crestview 50M 10:45-12 or Summit 5-6:15

Thursday Crestview 50M 5-6:15

Friday Crestview 50M 11-12:15

For summer practice I suggest that you have sunscreen and mirrored googles. Also bring a water bottle. There is a drinking fountain where you can fill up the bottle on the pool deck.





We will be using fins during practice - you may purchase them at B&B Aquatics. You can also buy a kick board if you would like to. It is not required at this level, but will be a required piece of equipment later.

You should have your child bring the following to practice;

Goggles, swim cap (especially if your child has long hair), fins, and water to drink.


Thanks, The Bronze staff