Week of 3/19
Monday Lafayette 7-8:45 PM
Tuesday Marquette 6:45-8:45 PM
Wednesday Marquette 5:30-7 PM
Thursday Lafayette 6:30-8:30 PM
Friday Lafayette 6:15-7:45 PM
Saturday Lafayette 10 AM-12 PM



Food for Thought:     "Training Habits"

We have 660 mins of practice in the average week. 

That means if you miss:

1 practice a week you are missing:13.6%-18.1%

2 practices a week: 27.2%-36.2%

3 practices a week:40.8%-52.3%

5 minutes a day:4.5%

10 mins a day:9%

20 mins a day:18%

30 mins a day:27%

(The percents are the amount of the weekly training you would miss.)

  The next time you choose to be late, or stretch for 5 mins or take 3 bathroom breaks in the same practice,or sit out for any reason; remember everyone else is in the pool training to get better.

10x 100 Kick w/ fins:

Sub 1:00 Club

16x 50 kick 1:10- :40


Up coming events:

  • 12/30 walk on meet at Lafayette 
  • Meet Selection sheet is up please sign up I would like at least 1 meet a month.


Equipment need:

Kick board


Pull bouy

Snorkel (nose clip optional)

Finis Palm Positive/Agility Paddles

Big H2O bottle


RSCA Mission .... 
Provide superior coaching, training, state-of-the-art pool facilities and training equipment, and a learning environment designed to bring out the best in all our athletes at every level of their development.  We strive to provide an exciting and worthwhile experience for every athlete.  These experiences go far beyond the winning and losing of races; swimming develops character traits used throughout one’s life - including self-confidence, discipline and work ethic.