PAC Athlete Rep

PAC Athlete Representatives

PAC Athlete representatives are tasked with representing the voice of PAC athletes at the Club, Oregon Swimming Athlete meetings, and helping to make the sport of swimming better for the many people that are involved in it.

PAC's 2017-18 Athlete Reps are: Katie Oppenheimer & Kai Hilbourne

Welcome back PAC!


As we all start the new school year, swimming is starting again. With the new 2017-2018 swim season, there are new Athlete Representatives that you voted for last summer. This year, Kai and Katie will fill the role. As Athlete Reps, they will facilitate the dialogue between the swimmers, the coaches, the PAC board, and OSI. It is their responsibility to listen to the concerns and questions of all of you (the swimmers) so that you can have a worthwhile and enjoyable swim season and can grow as swimmers and team members.

We (Kai and Katie) are excited for this swim season. We hope that through all of our effort as a team, we can have a season full of excellent swimming and great teamwork. With the new season, we are going to be introducing a few new programs and activities that will help us get to know each other better and create a supportive, inclusive environment. Here are some of our plans:

     To start off the season, we are sending out a survey so that we can hear your hopes for the team, what aspects of our team you think needs work, and what aspects of the team you like the most. Please fill it out. We want to hear everyone’s ideas and improve the level of communication between the all of the site pools, the Athlete Reps, and the coaches. The survey is a way to start that communication with the new season.

This year, we plan to create a stronger connection with the site pools by letting the coaches of each pool choose a Junior Athlete Rep to represent the swimmers at their pool.  These swimmers will be in contact with us throughout the year.  During the last season, our Athlete Reps made regular trips to the site pools to hear the thoughts of all the swimmers, but we learned that it was impossible for our reps to make enough visits for them to always be up to date with our swimmers’ concerns. The Junior Athlete Reps will assist us in implementing fun activities and helpful programs to their pool. They will also be part of the welcome committee at each pool. As part of this committee, they will welcome any new swimmers and guide them through the practice so that they feel like a confident and fully included team member. By creating Junior Athlete Reps, we will be able to stay in constant contact with the site pools and implement new ideas more efficiently.

We also want bring back the Senior Mentor program from a few years ago.  That program paired Senior swimmers with a site pool swimmer in an effort to bring Dishman and the site pools closer. Because of the size of our team, one Senior will mentor at least three site pool swimmers.  The Senior Mentors will meet with their swimmers at the Welcome Back PAC meeting on September 24th.  Once every swimmer who wants a mentor is paired up, the mentors will keep in contact throughout the year, providing feedback and encouragement before meets and at any time the swimmer has a question or concern. Our hopes of this program is that it will make our site pool swimmers more comfortable around the seniors and help form a stronger bond between all the members of our team.

Another change for this season is with the annual Swim-A-Thon. In order to promote engagement among you all, new competitions and incentives will be established. We hope to continue the trend from the past two years and exceed last year’s fundraising goal.

     We hope to see all of you at the Welcome Back PAC meeting on September 24th. It will be lots of fun and a good way to start getting to know all your teammates. Don’t miss it!

  We realize that this email will probably be recei ved by the parents of the swimmers. If you could read the letter and then give it to your swimmer that would be great.


If any swimmer want to contact us with questions or comments, feel free to email us.


Katie: kghoppenheimer@gmail.com

Kai: kaihilbourne@gmail.com

PAC's 2016-17 Athlete Reps were: Leila Alejos & Hugh Hammons

PAC's 2015-16 Athlete Reps were:  Ethan Hanson  & Leila Alejos 

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