PAC Swim-a-thon

2018 PAC Swim-A-Thon!

PLEDGE COLLECTION PERIOD: March 6 to May 6, 2018

2018 GOAL: $36,000

We did it!  $39,370

Swim-A-Thon is a fundraiser in which participants earn money for their team by swimming lengths of the pool. Swimmers have a two-hour period to swim a maximum of 200 lengths. Participants get pledges from businesses, family, neighbors, etc., prior to swimming. Some choose to get pledges and money prior to swimming while others get pledges per length and collect the money following the Swim-A-Thon. With over 500 Swim-A-Thons conducted each year nationwide, this program has proven itself over and over again as a successful method of raising funds for teams. The exciting benefits of this program are that Swim-A-Thon is not only an excellent fundraiser, but also an opportunity for teams to combine swimming and a social event. Additionally, Swim-A-Thon can boost team spirit and increase community awareness of the team.

With that said, Portland Aquatic Club will again participate in Swim-A-Thon. PAC will be using the Team Unify Fundraising platform only. A sample letter in word is available here.

For any questions regarding the Swim-A-Thon, please contact the PAC Swim-A-Thon Coordinator or your Pool Swim-A-Thon Coordinators, listed below:

PAC Swim-A-Thon Coordinator: Julie Norton

Site Pools Leads:
Columbia - Amy Bader and Molly Bauman

Dishman - Lillian Oppenheimer
MSCC -  Allison Lathrop
SWCC - Mirna Ghamawi


The money we raise from this event will be used to support swimmers in the following ways:

  • Give back to Portland Parks and Rec and Swim Community:  Three years ago we purchased starting blocks for Matt Dishman Community Center which will be shared with PAC, Portland Interscholastic League, Blue Makoes Rec swimming and more.
  • Assist families of deserving swimmers: Provide 25% of all funds raised to the Ellertson Family Scholarship Fund. Funds raised go do PAC families in need of Dues assistance, one time emergency assistance, gear and travel assistance.
  • Building PAC Reserve Fund: It is generally recommended that non-profit corporations like PAC maintain reserves of 6 months to a year of operating funds.  A small portion of SAT funds raised will be directed to our Reserve Savings Account to support the long-term financial stability of the club.
  • Support the USA Swimming Foundation: 5% of funds raised go to the Foundation whose mission is to save lives and build champions in the pool and in life, providing the wonderful experience of swimming to kids at all levels across the country

The donations raised from Swim-A-Thon are tax-deductible contributions.

We will be using the Team Unify platform for this year's Swim-A-Thon. Please see the email that will be sent out March 6 (or shortly after this date) for instructions on setting up your personalized donor landing page and using the Team Unify site. If you have any questions, feel free to email the PAC Swim-A-Thon coordinator Julie Norton.

How long do we have to raise money?
You can start to obtain pledges from friends, family members and businesses as soon as the pledge period opens in early March.  Ask your dentist, ask your neighbors and ask your family members to sponsor you for Swim-A-Thon. Some parents take the pledge form to work and ask their co-workers or place the pledge form on a bulletin board. You can ask for a flat dollar amount or a per length pledge, it’s up to you. You can continue to collect donations through the pledge end date (May 6, 2018).

How much money should we raise?
If every family or individual on PAC raises $200.00 we will surpass our goal. It is important that every team member participate! A team effort is needed by everyone to accomplish our goal. Please remember these pledges will significantly help our club.

Do we have to participate?
Since this is our biggest annual fundraiser for the team, we would like every swimmer to participate. Group prizes are awarded based on participation. It is not difficult to raise pledges, your parents can help and all you need to do is ask! Remember, you are giving your potential sponsor a tax write-off opportunity. Many people look for non-profit organizations to reduce their tax burden even in economic hard times.

2018 SWIM-A-THON - THANK YOU! May 6th. $39,370.00

  • Mt. Scott raised $11,042
  • Dishman raised $10,375 
  • SWCC raised $9,226
  • Columbia raised $8,727

2017 SWIM-A-THON - THANK YOU! April 17th. $40,900.34

2016 SWIM-A-THON - THANK YOU! April 15th. $32,681.24

2015 SWIM-A-THON - THANK YOU! April 23rd.  $30,095.95