PAC Raffle

The Annual PAC Fundraising Raffle 2017

Please note: This year, the raffle will be handled separately from our Annual Fall-IN meet.  However, tickets will be available for purchase at Matt Dishman Community Center during Fall-IN on Friday, November 3rd- Sunday, November 6th.

Attention PAC swimmers (and parents!)

You will soon receive a red bag with 20 numbered raffle tickets inside. Please take care not to lose them, as you will be held financially responsible for all the tickets assigned to you. Please note that the raffle is part of your annual fundraising requirements as a PAC swimmer, as outlined in your registration. The fundraising obligation is also available on the PAC website for your reference.

Raffle date

The drawing will occur at Matt Dishman Community Center at 5:30 pm, Friday, November 24th. Winners will be notified via email and/or phone.

Here are the AMAZING prizes…

When you have finished selling your tickets, please place any unsold tickets, all the ticket stubs (including any bonus ticket stubs you earned filled out with your information) and ONE check for the total amount of money you received from the tickets you sold in the red bag and return it to your pool lead to receive full credit towards your fundraising obligation.

Questions?  Contact ~Dara Smith (PAC Raffle Chair) at smith.dara@gmail.com