PAC Silent Auction



Let's raise money in a fun and easy way!  The money that your donated or procured item receives at the silent auction will count toward your PAC family fundraising commitment. (Your family fundraising commitment is listed on the PAC web site.) All money raised goes directly to PAC. 


Please donate Items YOU would find valuable and/or fun, such as: 

  • Service: Does your child babysit? Yard service?  It's THEIR team's fundraising, really...  
  • Know a business owner who want to make donations and receive tax credit?  (Appeal letter at the bottom)
  • Restaurant and Store Gift Certificates.
  • Buy-In Parties: Create a themed party and host it at your home. 
  • Vacation home: Donate a weekend at your beach home or a week in the mountains!
  •  “Themed” gift baskets (movie night, kids games, road trip, BBQ, wine).
  • Tickets/discount couponj: golf, theater, airline, Ducks, Beavers, Timbers, Blazers...
  • New swimming or athletic gear, PAC gear in good condition.
  • Home cooked meals for a busy family. pie of the month, etc. 

Deadline for donation submission Oct. 21.  


Please contact your pool parent in order to submit the donation item.  Make sure to fill in the form (located under fundraising tab on PAC website) to attach to the item.

Pool parents are: 

Mt. Scott: Allison Lathrop:  lathrop.allison@gmail.com

Dishman: Nancy Fogel: sakura121061@hotmail.com

SWCC:  Spitzi Barnicle: barnicle1@comcast.net

Columbia: Molly Bauman: mollymbauman@q.com




Atsu Nagayama, the Auction Chair



Guidelines for Silent Auction:

All sales are final. All sales are subject to the terms the donors placed on items. There will be no exchanges or refunds. Bidders release and hold Portland Aquatic Club harmless from any claim arising from bidder’s use of said service and/or products. Bid winner is responsible for contacting the donor within 3 months of auction to agree upon mutual date of service before May 5, 2018. Donor must respond in timely manner to the bid winner to agree upon date of service before May 5, 2018. Bid winners need to be present at close of auction to receive items. Items not picked up will go to next bidder on bid sheet.


Click Here to download 2017 appeal letter with Tax ID

Click Here for item donation form 2017