Team Equipment and Gear

We have set up an online store through Swim Outlet to make it easy for you to order equipment and gear.

Click here for the ACSC Team Store.

You will find an equipment list from each coach. Every swimmer should have well-fitting goggles, a pair of fins, and a snorkel. The style of goggles in our team store is one that many kids like; however, it is just a suggestion. The Junior snorkel is recommended for 12 & unders.

If your coach lists more than one style of regular fins, please choose the one you prefer. Pre-seniors and Seniors have an additional mono style fin.  A mesh bag is optional but helpful for fins, snorkels, and other wet gear.

Ordering is easy. Shipping is fast and orders over $49 ship for free.

The best part about our Swim Outlet team store is that a percentage of sales comes back to our team as commission providing us the chance for fundraising with our own online team store.  Please support ACSC by purchasing gear through our ACSC team store.