Senior League

The Tigersharks will be following facility and government guidelines and health restrictions to maintain the health of our community throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes restricting locker room use, enacting social distancing behaviors, and wearing face masks when not in the water.

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Carson Tigersharks Senior League Swimming

12-18 year olds

Upcoming Shark Leagues:

Fall League: August 17 - September 14

Senior League training option:

Mondays and Wednesdays: 5:30-6:15pm



Registration Process:

New Swimmers: Arrange a try out

Before swimmers can join the Senior Shark League, they must have a try out to ensure they meet minimum entry requirements: 1) one length front crawl swimming, 2) one length back crawl swimming, and 3) confidence in deep water. Once they've passed their try out, swimmers can choose a training option.

Returning swimmers: Reserve a training option

There are a limited number of spots in each training session. Swimmers must contact the office to reserve a spot.

About Tigersharks Senior League

The Tigersharks support swimming for fun, fitness, and competition at every level, and we have a new segment of the League system tailored to teenaged swimmers. It can be tough to learn to swim at later ages. In the Senior Shark League, teenagers can cultivate  camaraderie with other athletes who enjoy swimming for fitness or competition but who may not have the time, desire, or ability to train and compete at the level of our elite, year-round club.

The Senior Shark League is open to swimmers of all abilities (minimum one length front crawl and one length back crawl stroke). Swimming has many cardiovascular and aerobic fitness benefits, and it is a great option for those athletes wishing to cross-train for other sporting commitments.

Leagues run on a seasonal basis, typically 8-12 weeks long. Competitions are low-key, and they run once a month, typically on Friday nights for 2-3 hours.


Contact Becki (, 775-882-7946) or stop by the Carson Tigersharks office at Carson Aquatic Facility (3:00-6:00pm, Mon-Fri) for more information.