Training Groups

We are excited to be able to provide our swimmers with the unique opportunity to train in their own short course meter pool. There are only two in the immediate area. This means the swimmers will have the benefit of training meters year round, which will enhance their overall experience.

We will continue to break off into Specialty groups on a regular basis.  The swimmers' workouts and programming will be very specific and tailored to their individual goals.

The association with the overall swim academy means that we will be able to look at restructuring the current dryland program., and will explore how to make this more impactful for the swimmers. There are also many experts we are talking to in order to potentially create some new and exciting programs for our swimmers to work on athleticism, balance and movement. 

All of our outstanding coaches, as members of the American Swimming Coaches Association, have access to the most comprehensive training and certification program for youth coaches of any sport in the United States. They provide assurances that the time children spend in swimming will be quality time.

Diablo Aquatics Founder/ Coach Josh Scott

Co-Head Coach Chris Horner

Co-Head Coach Jason Kamp

Practices will be held at Diablo Aquatics Center (10 Tennis Club Drive, Danville, CA) daily and in the summer, long course training will be held at Dougherty Valley High School (10550 Albion Road, San Ramon, CA)

Senior II Group

This is our highest level and most experienced training group. Age ranges from 15-18. Swimmers must have sound technical background, commitment to practice attendance (90% minimum, 100% ideal), and capacity/willingness to train at higher volumes/higher intensity. Strong emphasis on development/mastery of main stroke and event specialty. Participation in advanced dryland to improve balance/stability, flexibility, and strength/power. Individual goals in this group range from trying to achieve sectional times to Junior National times to Olympic Trials. Coaches always have final say on admittance to this group. Many factors will be considered such as: age, maturity, physical/mental development, etc.

Pre Senior & Senior I

The ages for this group range between 11-16. Swimmers must have an understanding of the fundamentals for each stroke. Average training yardage is between 3,000-4,000 meters with a strong emphasis on mastery of technical skills. Swimmers will continue to develop proper technique for all four strokes, turns, starts, and all other racing skills. All energy systems will continue to be developed: aerobic/anaerobic, sprint. Practices are Monday through Friday (plus Saturday when no swim meet). Additionally, there is dry land 3 days a week (MWF). The focus here is on teaching the athletes proper technique for strength exercises, range of motion, flexibility, and stretches. Also, to improve the swimmers over all explosiveness and agility. Swimmers must be able to make 10 x 100 @ 1:30. The coaches have discretion to make decisions based on what is appropriate for each swimmer in this group.

Age Group

This is our youngest training group. Age ranges from 8-11. Swimmers are encouraged to come to practice daily. Emphasis on developing technique for all four strokes and fundamental skills such as turns, streamlines, breakouts, finishes, and starts. Swimmers will be educated on important concepts like: head/body position, posture, line, balance, race strategy, etc. Swimmers will be introduced to interval training and their will be a steady progression of aerobic development and conditioning. Competitive goals for this group will range between achieving A times to Junior Olympic times to Far Westerns.